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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure Vol 1

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Author:  Shigekatsu Ihara

There is a legend in Sinnoh which tells of a Pokémon able to control time, Dialga. Hareta, a boy raised by Pokémon, is given a Piplup and sent along with a girl named Mitsumi by Professor Rowan to find Dialga. However there is another force also searching for Dialga, Team Galactic, whose leader Cyrus wants to harness its power to become God of a 'New World'. As Hareta works to stop Team Galactic along with Sinnoh's Gym Leaders, it is found that Mitsumi's past ties in with Team Galactic itself.

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Mar 04,2017

I liked this book because the pokemon in it are really cute. And I really liked the story. 

Oct 06,2015
This review is a spoiler. View anyway?

hello and welcome to manga reviews today we are looking at pokemon dimond and pearl adventure this manga is based of the shinno games of pokemon with the main charecter whos name is dimond going on an adventure there also pearl who is the girl pokemon trainer im a call her dawn why because i watched the anime befor i read the manga. Befor i talk about the story lets talk about the cover it has the main cherecter dimond with a piplup whos probly his choice of his starter and other pokemon behide it the covers all right i gusse now on to the story.

Jun 03,2013

Hareta reminds me of ash and his love for pokemon! This bookis so awesome! I wish this series didnt stop at the number 8!

Nov 21,2012

BEST BOOK IN THE WORLD.  POKEMON gotta catch em all.

Aug 29,2012

This book is totally the best book ever. It's about a boy called Hareta that was on a journey to defeat Team Galactic and the gymleaders along with a girl called mitsumi. If you're a Pokemon fan you've GOT TO READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE IT IS AWESOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 27,2011

I read this book when I was a huge fan of pokemon.

Since I'm older I started to realised this book wasn't the best book...


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