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Picnic At Hanging Rock

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Author:  Joan Lindsay

On St Valentine's Day, 1900 three students and 1 teacher got lost on an excursion to Hanging Rock.

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Sep 09,2015

Picnic at the Hanging Rock

I thought that this book was well written but had a confusing and vague plot. Parts of the book was thought-out and had great detail while others parts seemed rushed and not precise. The overall plot was good apart from the ending which was very lazy in delivery. This book has some great parts but for me the ending ruins it would be a great book for people who like either the historical period which it is set it or mysterious plots.

Jan 03,2015
Picnic At Hanging Rock is based on the Australian mystery of which 3 school girls and 1 teacher go missing without a trace. 
The book to me, is plain boring. I think people just overreached thinking how strange it could be 4 people just disappeared in the Australian outback without a trace.
As the story takes place in the 1900's, so does the literature making it harder to read for the modern Tweens eyes, no matter how much the enjoyment for history, as I enjoy it myself. The author also tends to take her time to reach something interesting and when does happen, it goes for only a few lines so it can be easily missed. I found myself rereading lines over and over trying to make sense of it.
Yes, It is a bit freaky and there are some very interesting facts. I'm not going to stop you reading it but I do recommend to skip to another book. 
Aug 14,2014

I think that Picnic at Hanging Rock is a great book because I love mysteries and I have been to the site. I think that Miranda got a bit over herself and went a bit far with the other girls. I haven't read the last chapter but I think the rest of the girls might have been murdered.

Aug 11,2014

I read this book for the first time at and wouldn’t read another until I had finished! I soon liked Miss Miranda and was devastated that she was leader of the three missing girls. As soon as I had finished the book I was nagging anyone who had read the book, millions of questions. I was lucky and have a copy of the missing last chapter. As soon as I read it I was a little scared but I’m now over it and can sleep again!!! 

Oct 10,2011

i thought this book was really interesting. i felt so many different feelings in this book and i love the mystery . although i got a bit lost at the end but it was amazing going through that journey with those girls.

Sep 12,2011

This Story is about a group of grirls from appleyard collage in Victoria. And they take a excursion to hanging rock more in the countryside. While they are reading in the sun, taking naps, and eating sweet cakes the 3 girls Miranda, Irma, Marion and the outsider edith with permission decide to take a closer look at the rock. Miss Greta McCraw (teacher) and Martin Vaughan (buggy driver) have forgotten or stopped there watch. They loose track of time and forget about the student on the hill..... and the story continues from there

The movie Is also very good. Personaly I prefer the movie because its easier language to understand.


this is a great book that i would definatly watch and read again!!!


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