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Parvana's Journey

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Author:  Deborah Ellis

Imagine that your house has been destroyed by bombs, your friends have fled or been killed, your mother, sister and little brother are missing, and today you buried your father.

This is reality for Parvana, who sets out alone to walk across war-tone Afghanistan in search of her family.

Parvana's Journey is the reveting story of a young girl's talent for friendship, hope and gritty determination despice the ravages of war. Sometimes shocking and sad, always compelling, this novel takes an honest, compassoniate look at the situation in Afghanistan, and the courage and resilience that can keep children afloat even in the most terrible circumstances.

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Aug 07,2017

Parvana's journey is a touching story about the hadrships of the Afghan War.

This story features Parvana, a hard working teenager who flees her camp following the death of her scholarly father.

Parvana takes a journey no child should have to take. Along the way, Parvana is joined by a curious baby she names Hassan, a mean one- legged boy called Asif and a sweet little girl by the name of Leila. 

This book is really enlightening in explaining the everyday struggles of children in wars and is worth reading at any age.

Mar 04,2017

One girl.

Alone in the Afghan desert.

On a quest to find her family.

Parvana is determined to find her family. She doesn’t know where they are, where she is going, who she can trust or how she will find them. To make it worse she just finished burying her father. All she knows is that she just has to keep walking through the war-torn desert of Afghanistan to find her family. Set in modern day Afghanistan, Parvana’s Journey is the story of a young girl’s determination, courage and will to keep on walking.

Written by Deborah Ellis, this book is the second book in a trilogy. I recommend Parvana's Journey to anyone that loves a moving global novel. I rate it 9/10 because it takes you on an unforgettable journey. If you haven’t already read then I highly recommend that you do so. Don’t miss this moving story!

Mar 20,2014

Imagine that you have lost most of your family and dont know where most of your friends live. This is the life Parvana is living in, where bombs are constantly falling own on you and grief for loved ones is common.

Parvana's jouney is the sequel to 'Parvana'. In this book the main character Parvana continues on her journey of finding her mother, brother and sisters who have moved to Mazar-e-Sharif. On the way she meets some other kids her age who are battling with their own problems. It is an exciting and touching story of a girl trying to live through the battles . Thiis book is an exciting and touching story of an inspiring girl who struggles herself but still finds ways to help others. i reccommend this book to anyone who have already read the first book.

Nov 17,2013
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Parvana's Journey is an emotional and inspiring story by Deborah Ellis. The book is about Parvana, a twelve year old girl, who is travelling across the country to try to find her family. She had started the journey with her father, but this book begins at her father’s funeral. Even though her father died she had to keep going on her journey alone.On her journey she finds other children who are alone and need help too. 

She meets Hassan, the small baby whose mother has been killed in a bomb attack on their village. She finds food for them and brings him along on her journey. She then meets Asif, a boy with one leg.They also meet Leila, an eight year old girl. Her father and brother went to war and her mother left one day to find them and never returned. She lives with her grandmother near a minefield. The grandmother has given up on life and just lies and sleeps all day. Leila feeds them by salvaging the remains of the animals that get blown up in the minefield.They eventually make it to a refugee camp and finally Parvana is reunited with her family, after suffering the loss of one of her dear friends. 

This book is  always painted a picture in my mind of what was happening to Parvana. She was close to my age, it made me think what if it was me trying to find my family. For it to make sense I would read the first book Parvana. Parvana's Journey is very emotional and I would recommend it to all young readers who like to be inspired and taken on the journey.  

Sep 02,2013

this book is wonderful, i recommend everyone to read it! 


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