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Nips XI

Author:  Ruth Starke

If white boys can't jump, can Asian kids play cricket? Lan's fed up with being called a nip. He wants to be a true-blue Aussie. What better way than by playing the greatest Anglo game of all? Lan gathers a team together and defiantly gives it a name: Nips XI. Now all they have to do is get some equipment, find a coach, get themselves a sponsor and learn the rules of the game. Then it`s time to challenge the best cricket team in the district.

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Sep 13,2017

This book is a great interesting book about a boy who hates multicultural week and wants to do something instead so he makes a cricket team called nips xi. Great book, want to find out more read it.

Jun 07,2013

It is about a boy and his friends who don’t want to do multicultural week, so Lan the boy says he has a big idea. His friends aren’t so sure about this big idea and want to know more about this big idea he says it is about cricket and turning the multicultural week into an Australian multicultural week. It is an Action Adventure book it is being spoken by a narrator and the characters it is based around a multicultural week. In my opinion it is not a good book it’s just dragging along so far it’s not for me I rate it an 2/10 and recommend it for 9-12 year olds it’s not for me but could be for you!

Jun 03,2013

This is the second week I have been reading Nips XI and it is still really enjoyable. I like how it goes from one persons perspective to another persons in chapter 8. Lan is in the middle of creating the cricket team and it is forming well, they even have a boy that has his own cricket bat! Nips XI is a really interesting book about migrants/refugees that have come from asia and are having a hard time fitting in, especially at school. I wonder if cricket will be the sport that brings them all together?

May 30,2013

Nips xi is a very interesting book. I think this book would of had a lot of thought put into it.

Its about a kid called Lan who is vietnamese andhe wants to be a real Aussie. When his principal Suggests a multicultural week Lan does not like it! Then he decides to make a cricket team made up of people from other cultures. 

So far as I've read I've loved It. I really think this could teach people a little lesson.

May 30,2013

I am currently reading Nip XI and I am really enjoying it. My favourite character is Andy, I like how he is so enthusiastic. It has a good first chapter and gets straight into the story, so you don't really know what is happening for the first few pages but you get to understand the story pretty quickly. I think Nips XI would be a great book for kids aged 10 onwards.

May 29,2013

so far its really boring


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