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Mr Romanov's Garden in the Sky

Author:  Robert Newton
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Apr 27,2017

Lexie lives in one of the high-rise commission buildings in Melbourne.  Her mother has gone off the rails since Lexie's dad left.  It is a sad existence keeping one step ahead of Social Welfare, but Lexie is a fighter.  After a tragic incident of animal cruelty, Lexie befriends the mysterious Mr Romanov, also a resident of the commission flats.  Mr Romanov has a secret garden on the rooftop of the flats and this forms the basis of their friendship and the sharing of secrets and disappointments. While her father was around, he and Lexie would often dream of a trip to Surfers Paradise, so, along with Lexie's other friend, Davey, the trio take a road trip to Surfers Paradise.  The journey is one of discovery, friendship, sadness and resilience.


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