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Molly Moon's Incredible Book of Hypnotism

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Author:  Georgia Byng

Molly Moon has spent all her life in Hardwick House, a miserable orphanage run by hairy-faced Miss Adderstone whose favourite punishment is making Molly clean the toilets with her toothbrush. But when she finds the mysterious book on hypnotism in the library, Molly realises she possesses an extraordinary talent. Soon she's hypnotised the cook to produce delicious Italian meals and instructed Miss Adderstone to wear a pair of knickers on her head. Then she wins $3,000 in a talent contest and flies to New York where she hypnotises her way into the swankiest hotel in Manhattan. But hot on Molly's trail is sinister Professor Nockman, who's determined to use her unique powers to stage a spectacular crime. The book of hypnotism is leading her into big, big trouble. . .

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Dec 19,2016

This Book is awesome. I first read it when I was about 11 and now at 17 I have re read this book and the other books in the series many times and they never get old. Molly's character is so relatable and the whole story is entertaining.

It does't make hypnotism seem farfetched at all it. She is a normal girl that finds something cool, its just so believable the story seemslike it could be hapening to your next door neighbour.

With humour, mystery and a bit of angst (because what good story doesn't have a bit of angst) I definitely recomend reading this. No matter if you're a preteen or not.

Oct 12,2012

this book is awesome! you should realy read it! molly moon was found on the door-step of a orphanage in a car board box with the only details :moon's marshmellows! she has no friends exept for a boy called rocky scarlette. she is a lonely orphan with big dreams!

Jul 11,2012

molly moon has 3 books,first best.second....... DO NOT WASTE YR TIME!!


Jul 09,2012
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Spolier is Bold

This book is fictional but is set in modern day times. 

The story revolves around orphan Molly Moon who is just an ordinary girl until she steals a book on hypnotism from the library. Unfortunately the chapers on voice only hypnotism and long distace hypnotism have been ripped out. She practices hypnotism on petula the orphanage dog and following the instructions in the book she is soon able to hypnotise people.

Soon after Molly finds the book she finds out her best friend Rocky has been adopted. Shocked molly is determined to track Rocky down. As Molly unlocks her new talent she hypontises the orphanage director wins a talent show by hypnotising the audience and takes a trip to new york using the prize money.

she gets the best room in a hotel by taking advantage of her new skill. Molly then begins to go on Broadway searching for rocky and hypnotising people into thinking she can sing and dance. But Molly may have bitten off more than she can chew as a man called Simon who is pretending to be a proffesor of hypnotism kidnaps petula. Molly can't hypnotise him because of his anti hypnotism glasses and so he forces her to rob some extremely valuble jewls from a bank.

The robbery is going as planned when molly runs into rocky. molly is shocked to learn that rocky is also a hypnotist and read the missing chapters of the book. together they rob the bank and then rocky hypnotises simon into giving up his life of crime. they then return all of the jewls but one that molly keeps before returning to the orphanage.

I liked the book because it was believable because there are some people who can actually hypnotise people. I enjoyed reading about mollys exploits and how they outsmarted simon. Its pretty deep for a teen book with themes like self acceptance and greed causing unhasppiness as well as friendship and good triumphing over evil.

I reccomend this book to teenagers, dog owners, book lovers, book clubs, teachers, roald dhal readers and day dreamers :)  

Jul 07,2012

I love the amount of travelling in this book.


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