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Middle School: Get Me Out of Here

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Author:  James Patterson

After sixth grade, the very worst year of his life, Rafe Khatchadorian thinks he has it made in seventh grade. He's been accepted to art school in the big city and imagines a math-and-history-free fun zone. Wrong! It's more competitive than Rafe ever expected, and to score big in class, he needs to find a way to turn his boring life into the inspiration for a work of art. His method? Operation: Get a Life! Anything he's never done before, he's going to do it, from learning to play poker to going to a modern art museum. But when his newest mission uncovers secrets about the family Rafe's never known, he has to decide if he's ready to have his world turned upside down.

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Jun 27,2017

‘Middle School get me out of here’ is about a boy named Rafe. He is a very naughty student at school. Rafe used to live in Hills Village until his mum lost her job. Then they had to move to the big city. When they got there Rafe got to go to Cathedral, an art school. He was super excited because it was the first time he got to go to an art school and he thought it would be a walk in the park with easy lessons all the time and no rules about what to do. Obviously he was wrong. Cathedral was his worst nightmare with competitions about whose art work is the best and ‘crits’ so people could criticise you on your art work.

That was when he decided to go on another mission, this one called Operation: Get a Life where you have to do something new every day. But when this mission uncovers secrets about Rafe’s family that he never knew, he is unsure if he is prepared to carry on. You’ll just have to see in the book ‘Middle School get meout of here.’

In my opinion the book was really interesting and fun. You can use your imagination for every part of the book from Leonardo the Silent, his best (imaginary) friend to all the adventures he goes on around the city. I would recommend this book to everyone from ages 8-15. This is the third book in the series so I would advise you to read the first two books first.

Mar 17,2016

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Book:Middle School Get Me Out Of Here

Author:James Patterson


Plot Summary:

  • In this book the main character is Rafe Katchadorian. He is a very mischievous boy that gets into a lot of trouble wherever he is.
  • Rafe lives in Hills Village and is planning to go to Airbrook Arts until his Mum loses her job and the family have to move to live with his Grandma in the big city.


 Personal opinion:

  • I liked this book because there was a lot of action and different things going on in the story idea. There is Some comedy in it to make it funny. The type of characters match the storyline aswell. 
  • I learnt how bad it looks to fight with your siblings and a bit of taste of some peoples middle school life.
  • I like the part when the family move back to hills village and swiftys is rebuilt so his life goes back into normal mode. Getting into trouble and getting into the arts school.


Age recommendation:

  • I would recommend this book for kids aged 10-12. (Probably best suits boys or girls into boy things.)
  • I think they will understand the book because it probably matches up a bit to there own life.
Jun 21,2012

i have this book and it is awsome to the max i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!


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