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The maze runner

Author:  James Dashner

The Maze Runner 

By Alex Moran

The genre of "The Maze Runner" written by James Dashner is science fiction, it is science fiction since the book is set in a place that is not real (the maze) and has aliens that attack the humans included. 

 The story is set in the middle of a maze which the protagonists call "the glade" where most of the maze runner takes place. The glade contains four different sections for farming, housing, slaughtering animals and burying the dead. When Thomas (the main protagonist) first enters the glade the author described it as "four times the size of a football field, surrounded by four enormous walls made from grey stone covered in thick ivy". 

 The main character, Thomas, arrived at the glade in a small elevator the gladers call "the box". He slowly settles in to the glade when he finds out that he wants to be a maze runner. A maze runner is someone who try's to figure out the paths of the maze, they have to keep running to not get detected by a griever which is a robotic alien. Thomas becomes a maze runner and finds out the dark secrets of the maze.

I really enjoyed this book, it was written very well by James Dashner. The book was very descriptive and enticing, it had was an action packed book which is one of the aspects of why I really enjoyed reading this novel. 

 At some points in the book it got a bit confusing, such as the author would talk about the different settings and jump from one to another and it got me a little bit confused. At some points in the books it was also a bit boring and those boring bits went on for too long.

 I suggest that this book is aimed at teens since the vocabulary isn't to large but it is not an easy read, it is still a great book.


This book is great 8/8.

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