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The Marvels

Author:  Brian Selznick

The journey begins on a ship at sea, with a boy named Billy Marvel. He survives a devastating shipwreck and later finds work in a London theatre. There his family flourishes for generations as brilliant actors until young Leontes Marvel abandons the stage and runs away.

A century later, Joseph Jervis, another runaway, seeks refuge with an uncle in London. Stormy Uncle Albert and his strange but beautiful house, with its ships and theater programs, haunting portraits and ghostly presences, lure Joseph on a search for clues about the house, and his own life.

As readers piece together the mystery of how the two narratives connect, they will be swept up in a gripping adventure that is also a moving exploration of our need to belong and to tell stories.

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Jul 08,2017

An exelent book, its a sort of mystery, trying to find out what is the truth about the Marvels, Joseph and his uncle. I recomend this to anyone who likes books that make you think.

Sep 29,2016

The Marvels, a graphic novel by award-winning author Brian Selznick, follows the story of a young boy, Joseph and his Uncle Albert. Inspired by the stories he had read at school, Joseph decides to go on an adventure of his own, taking to places beyond his imagination. This intelligent novel is truly a work of art anda pleasure to read. Follow Joseph on his journey into the past with witty characters, awesome adventures and a crazy uncle.


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