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The Lovely Bones

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Author:  Alice Sebold

My name was Salmon, like the fish; first name, Susie. I was fourteen when I was murdered on December 6, 1973. My murderer was a man from our neighborhood. My mother liked his border flowers, and my father talked to him once about fertilizer.

This is Susie Salmon. Watching from heaven, Susie sees her happy, suburban family devastated by her death, isolated even from one another as they each try to cope with their terrible loss alone. Over the years, her friends and siblings grow up, fall in love, do all the things she never had the chance to do herself. But life is not quite finished with Susie yet...

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Dec 22,2016
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I have mixed feelings about this book.

It was a slow read but I really enjoyed the whole plot. Everything seemes quite realisitic. My least favourite part is the ending scene. I wish it wasn't like that.

Can I also point out how lovely Hal is?!? He is definitely my favourite character in the book.

I also really admire Ruth and how she sees things as they are, she's true to everything she sees and I find her character very raw and precious.

Worth the read if you have some spare time :-)

Apr 07,2014

The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is a Horror/ Thriller story that has a very mysterious and unpredictable storyline. This book is about a girl called Susie Salmon who is raped and murdered and the struggle to figure out what happened to her. The story is told in Susie's perspective whilst in limbo, watching over her family, the murderer, the police and the dectectives. 

This story keeps you on edge the whole time as you have all the information about the situation that only the murderer and Susie knows but the police, who are trying to figure out what happened, Susie's family and dectectives have no clue about.

I strongly recommend this book for mature females readers because of some of the explicit content and plot of the book.

Due to this, I rate The Lovely Bones 4/5

Apr 28,2013
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"Tell me you love me" Mr Harvey said "I love you" The end came anyway..  I love you, These were Susie Salmon's last words. She said them not by choice and they weren't true. I loved this book. It's so unique from every other type of murder book I've ever read. Mainly because straight from the start you know who murdered her and that it gave an insight on what I assume is how Alice Sebold might invision heaven, everybody has their own version. Though truthfully this is one of the scariest books I've ever read it's also one of the best. The only thing stopping me from sprinting whenever I ran out of the house was that this book was set more than 40 years ago. Susie is a 14 year old girl who faces a tragic death whe her neighbour Mr Harvey rapes and murders her. I'd reccomend this book to anybody brave and mature who's aged 14 and up

Nov 22,2012

THIS IS AN AMAZING BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay to be honest, the first chapter really creeped me out...


I really loved the last sentence of chapter one, the end came anyway...

I really loved how the book was written in Susie's prespective.

I love and hate the ending... I don't really like how she ended the story by saying to have a happy life yet,

I like it... does that even make sense??

Anyways love the author, love the story, love the plot. love EVERYTHING


Read this book!!!

Jun 21,2012
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The Lovely Bones is a tale of a family suffering from the death of a sweet teenage girl named, Suzie Salmon. The story is told from her eyes, looking down on them from above. Suzie was walking home from school one day, when her friendly neighbour stopped her in her tracks. He told her that he had made a cubby house underground for all the children in the neighbourhood to play in. At first she was a little wary but he soon convinced her that everything was fine and she would be home safe and sound very soon. Her neighbour was extremly convicing and charming, but soon enough she started to feel unfortable and asked to leave, he asured her it was alright and refused her leaving. 

Suzie Salmon's body was never recovered. Her family goes though so much suffering and hardship and soon they are all so conviced it was their friendly neighbour her stole Suzie from them. Only Suzie and Her neightbour will know exsactly what happened that horrible, terrifying night. 

-Unicorn Kashmir x0x

Jun 12,2012

J'adore this book. Alice Sebold writes so poetically, and what she creates is heart-wrenching. I love murder/crime stories, but this gave me a whole new perspective on how it could be written - no gun-toting ninja policemen, just an incredibly loving father. The real effects on the family were so tragic, and despite the sadness, she weaves it together in a bittersweet, almost-happy ending that I don't consider cliche either. Gosh. It was breathtaking. If I cried for books, I'd cry for this ♥


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