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Let me whisper you my story

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Author:  Maya Simons

Rachel is German and Jewish and living in Leipzig, Germany. Life is good, and revolves around Sabbath meals shared with her happy family.With the outbreak of World War II, their lives are changed. The family are forced to move from their comfortable home into cramped housing, and when the Nazis arrive to finally take the family away they don′t know what is to become of them. But Rachel′s father gives her instructions that save her life. He also tells her not to speak. Rachel remains quiet for the rest of the war, but what happened to her family? Will Rachel regain her voice now that she really needs it?

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Jul 20,2017

This is an amazing book that not just keeps you intreged to read more but gives you the inside scoop of life in WW2. I loved this book from start to end and I really hope you will too.

Mar 17,2016
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Book Review Let me whisper you my story
Author Moya Simons

Rachel is a 5 year old girl that is German, Jewish who lives with her Papa, Mama and her sister Miri in Leipzig, Germany. Life is good it revolves around sabbath meals with her happy family.

With the eruption of world war 2 their lives are changed for ever. They have to move from their comfortable home to cramped housing. When the Nazi come to finally take them away they don't know what's to become of them.

The Characters in this book...

  • Rachel( Rachel is separate from her family in world war II and doesn't know where to go she remains quiet in the cramped kitchen cupboard luckily Gertrude and Heinrich found and hid from on this commotion.
  •  Freddy( Freddy is the grandson of Gertrude & Heinrich and is agreeing with Hitler just his father who fought for Hitler, so he decided to join the Hitler Youth. But after spending time with Rachel for years a lot of things have changed between them.)
  • Gertrude( Gertrude was very brave to take in Rachel and put all her families life in risk.When ever a bomb came she refused to leave her, so she hid with her under the bed. She believed she did the right thing and didn't care what people said. She loved her like own and didn't let anyone change that by their thoughts.)

I enjoyed this book because it is a true story and it is set in a important event in the worlds history. I really like how you never know what's coming, like you guess something that's obvious but it always has a twist.

My favourite part is when she is on a boat to Sydney to be reunited with her family. There is so very interesting parts and letters from Germany. I a lot of things reveal in this part.

I learnt about how somebodies experience was to be apart of this tragic event.
I suggest that girls that are 11 years old and up should read this book, I think this because this book has a higher level of comprehension and the words are more difficult. If you like true stories, which links to important parts of the world's history then this is a great book for you.

Jul 04,2014

Rachel and her family live in Leipzig, Germany and her life is simple and happy... that is until World War 2 starts.  Rachel and her family are forced to move from their spacious home to cramped rooms in an apartment for Jews.  But when the Nazis come to take her family and other Jews away to concentration camps, they don't know if they will ever see each other again.  Rachel's father tells her that no matter what happens to Rachel, she must never say a word to anyone, even if she trusts them.  Rachel's keeps quiet for the rest of the war, but she still hasn't found her family.  She must find them, but how is she going to do that without her voice?

Thisis a sad story about a small Jew girl who was tortured by Nazis.  Kids over 9 should read this.

Jun 03,2013

Racheal has a story that will touch you heart...

Apr 17,2013

Hitler has started war on the jew, people are starving, children are dying, more and mre Jews are being taken away to concentration camps, never to be seena gain. Rachel a young Jewish, German girl has been seperated from her family. She manages to escape the Nazia wrath as the came into thier apartment to take away her family to a concentration camp, showing no mercy. Doing whatever they could to escape the soldiors, Rachel's family were badly injured but they did not manage to escape the ruthless Nazis. As Rachel hid in a cupboard, keeping hidden from all human life, a family that was ransacking the tiny apartment looking for anything that might help them survive the war, an elderly woman stumbles across young Rachel. The woman fels sorrow for the poor young girl as she realies that she has lost everything. She returns with the elderly woman to her home where she is living with her husband and her grandson. This book is all about the struggles that the young girl had to go through to survive.

This book is a very eye opening read, it informs you on how corrupt the Second World War was and what it did to so many people, It didnt just destroy the Jew's lives, it destroyed many other people's lives because so many countries were involved with th war, it insights you and is a very hard book to put down. It makes you questions, like why would people support such an evil man, he ripped people's lives from them because of who they were. It is such an amazing book and it is set out and written beautifully. I would reccomend this book to anyone who loves books on wars or to people who like books set out as a diary. It is set out in diary from but it isn't a true story. It tells the story from Rachel's eyes and it puts such a bigger effect on the book. It shows how much she had to mature, grow up and accept what was goin on in her life.

Aug 07,2012

This book was about world war 2 it showed how the war didnt just affect the army but people that live nearby.I have never read a book like this and I loved it and want to read more books similar to this one and I definitely recommend this book to everyone because I'm sure you will love it


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