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The Key to Rondo

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Author:  Emily Rodda


Turn the key three times only.  Never turn the key while the music is playing.  Never pick up the box while the music is playing.  Never close the lid until the music has stopped.

The old music box, painted with scenes of villages, dark forests, a castle on a hill and a queen in a long blue gown, has been handed down through Leo's family.  Now it belongs to Leo, and although he respects its rules, his least favourite cousin Mimi does not.  When the rules are broken, Leo's ordered life changes forever as they plunge together into the fantastic world of Rondo.

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Jul 17,2017

The Key to Rondo is a truely maghnificent book. I couldnt put it down! Everything is detailed to perfection, making it like a movie in my head. Mimi is a truely facinating character, and Leo is also an interesting character. The adventure of the duo inside the music box is a fun, interesting and mysterious time. 

Mar 17,2017

I love this book! If you like myterious, adventurest books, I bet you'll love this one. I'm currently reading right now, and it's great!

Oct 22,2013

Only turn the key 3 time, don't pick up the box wilde muisc are palying, don't close the lid wilde muisc are playing.

Who know what happen if you brak the rule? Mimi and Leo have a big advanture because brak the rule, fall in muisc box......

RONDO the landlander's play ground

Oct 22,2013
This review is a spoiler. View anyway?

This book two kids go inside a mosic box and are triying to find there dog mut.    If you want to get sucted in bye the blue queen which is mean then don't turn the key while the mousic is plays, never open the lid untill the music has stoped, turn the key three times only, never pick up the while the mosic is playing.

Jul 19,2013

this book is amazing it is full of so many cool magic things i love it!!

Nov 21,2012

The Key to Rondo is a fictional story that follows two people, Leo Zifkak and Mimi Langlander, and their journey through a world inside a music box. The music box is beautifully crafted with towns, cottages, castles, many different people, lots of creatures and an everchanging scenery. On top of the box is a smooth black lid with an oval-shaped silver ring and underneath is a faded yellow strip of paper with four rules.


Turn the key three times only.

Never turn the key while the music is playing.

Never pick up the box while the music is playing.

Never close the lid until the music has stopped.

Inside the box is the world of Rondo, where Leo and Mimi find many people that can help or hinder their quest to save Mimi's dog from a sorceress known as the Blue Queen.

I really like this book. It is well written and contains a strong plot with some unique descriptions. This book would work really well for people aged 10-18 as it can draw you in but also because it can teach some lessons of caution and trust.


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