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Author:  Sarah Beth Durst
When Cassie was little her grandmother would tell her stories about the Arctic… stories about snow and ice, about a beautiful castle made of ice, and about her mother, who made a deal with the Polar Bear King and was swept away to the ends of the earth to become a prisoner of the trolls.
Cassie is older now and has no time for fairytales and talking animals, or lies about her dead mother. Living with her father at the Arctic research centre, she is determined to become a leading scientist and researcher.
But when Cassie comes face to face with a mysterious polar bear, one that defies all scientific fact or knowledge, she begins realise that the fairytales could actually be true.
Armed with the knowledge that her mother might be alive, Cassie makes a deal with the Polar Bear King, and embarks on a dangerous journey against time to save her. But her agreement with the Polar Bear King comes with consequences she never bargained for, and before her journey's end Cassie will discover the true meaning of love and family, and loss.
A compelling romantic fantasy set in the beautiful frozen Arctic.
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Apr 06,2011

Once upon a time there was a wind, a polar bear, and a promise; and a promise made can not be broken. It all began with a story, a fairytale of a young girl stolen and raised by the north wind. A young maiden who was promised to a polar bear. A young woman who risked all for love breaking her fathers promise.

When Cassie was little her grandmother would tell her the story of the polar bear who had stolen a child for the wind, a girl who was latter lost beyond the ends of the world trapped there never to return. It was the only story her grandmother ever told her, and in her frozen world of youth Cassie whole heartedly believed that her mother was lost there still.

As the years went by and Cassie grew up she came to see that this story was nothing more then a fairytale, a fantasy created to save her from the truth that her mother was dead. Nothing and no one could change the fact that her mother was gone and never coming back. But having her mother back was the only thing Cassie ever wished for.

ICE is an impossible love story that never gives up, never gives in and is never afraid. All the obstacles thrown in the way only prove to strengthen a love that can conquer any impossibility, even dangerous elements and an endless land of ice. A magical fairytale adventure with a modern twist that shows the power of true love and the importance of family, acceptance and following your heart.



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