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Heroes of Olympus The Lost Hero

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Author:  Rick Riordan

Jason, Piper and Leo are staring down the depths of the Grand Canyon when a sudden gust of air almost knocks them over. Jason has no memories, everyone listen to what Piper says no matter if that want to or not & Leo is found as a freak because of his mothers death, these three unlikely friends go on a legendary quest to save the world or destroy it, before the winter solstic; which in in just four days time.

 This book is a fantastic read and it's as if after you read some you can never stop. If you aren't into Greek/Roman mythology this isn't your book, but maybe as a fello high school student I would read it because this book was one that I thoroughly enjoyed, unlike most books. 

This is one of the five books from the Heroes Of Olympus series. If you enjoy this series then there are more of them, you can read, Percy Jackson, Kane Cronicles, Magnus Chase and Trials Of Apolo, all by Rick Riordan. 

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Jul 03,2017
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this book was great a intoducing new charachters (leo, piper, gleeson hedge), but a bit boring. jason, piper and leo are quite sickening in this book while annabeth grows up and gets really scary.  however i congratulate rick riordan for his efforts in kick starting this awesome series, and managing to include nico too. i recomend reading the son of neptune first.


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