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Great Aussie Rules: Aussie Rules Football

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Author:  Robert Hillman

Aussie Rules Football is a spectacular game of high marking and long kicking. It is the biggest crowd-puller of any sport in the world - annual ticket sales are equivalent in number to one quater of the total Australian population.

Great Aussie Sports - Aussie Rules Football outlines the rules of the game, skills, player positions and training programs.Player Profiles of current stars feature throughout along with information about great players of the past. The various levels of competition from junior to the AFL are detailed as is information about how to get started playing this uniquely Australian game.

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Jul 26,2017

Aussie Rules Football by Robert Hillman is a very good book. It gives you a lot of knowledge about the game that was first started in 1850’s in Melbourne. It gives you a good knowledge of how to play the game. It also gives you good knowledge about positions, how the game is played, the training side of thing and a bit of the information from the rich past.


The book also has little character profiles of a few star players and a few of the star coaches. It provides you with past premiers information and a glossary. Towards the end you will find information about all the teams.


The little character profiles feature a bit of background of the players and their career and also awards they each achieved over their career.


I’d suggest the book for readers aged 10 – any age as it provides a varied lot of information in clear language. My personal rating is a 10 out of 10 just because I love footy and the information that’s in the book are things you’d have to search on the internet unless you already have a good AFL knowledge. This book also has a very detailed glossary on most football terms and positions. Also the book on most pages has pictures of some of the great players that they have the character profiles on.


All together I believe it’s a very good book, good for the young or older readers who are really passionate about the great Australian sport. It has very clear writing and it’s very easy to read


Nic Asquith


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