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Goosebumps: Monster Blood

Author:  R.L. Stine


While staying with his weird great-aunt Kathryn, Evan visits a funky old toy store and buys a dusty can of monster blood. It's fun to play with at first. And Evan's dog, Trigger, likes it so much, he eats some!

But then Evan notices something weird about the green, slimy stuff - it seems to be growing. And growing. And growing. And all that growing has given the monster blood a monstrous appetite...

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Aug 23,2011

The book monster blood in the Goosebumps series is about a boy called Even and his friend Andy. This story is about the day when they went to a toy shop and found a small can lable “Monster Blood” So they bought it.

 But it all go’s terribly wrong when it kept getting bigger and bigger turning into a giant monster of goo. It doesn’t help that the fact his mother is away from town and his great-aunt who is deaf is looking after him while she is away. They also run into a bit of trouble as well with these two twins who are bully’s.

 I would recommend this book for people around the age of 10-13 because it has a bit of pages with small words, and also recommend this for people that like a little fantasy.

I would rate this 9/10 because it is a quiet good book.

 By Jack Barry


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