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Goodnight Mister Tom

Author:  Michelle Magorian

Mum said war was a punishment form God for people's sins, so he'd better watch out. She didn't tell him what to watch out for, though.

When the Second World War breaks outs, young Willie Beech is evacuated to the countryside. A sad, deprived child, he slowly begins to flourish under the care of kind old Tom Oakley. But then his cruel mother summons him back to war-torn London . . .

Will he ever see Mister Tom again?

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Jun 29,2014

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian is a book about WW2.

William Beech has been evacuated into the London countryside, Little Weirwold.  Tom Oakley, an old abrupt but gentle man has been asked to take care of this young mistreated and miserable child.  At first, Mister Tom is reluctant but over a few months he becomes very fond of little Will.  Will flourishes and becomes well fed and strong under the care of Mister Tom.  Suddenly, Will's cruel mother calls him back to dangerous bombed England,  Will doesn't want to leave kind Mister Tom but he has to go, will he ever find Mister Tom?

This is a wonderful book about the life of a young evacuee during WW2 and brings you along on a journey about Will's life.  This book sometimes uses a bit of slang so it may be a bit hard to understand.  I recommend this book for 11 year olds to 15yr olds.

Jun 21,2014

this book is an amazing story, i would deffintly recomed, it has 478 pages so a little bit of a long read. this book is age aprpreat for a rage of ages but yonger readers might not be able to understand the langue at some times because they use slang in some dits to repersent his per--anality

Mar 30,2014

Goodnight Mister Tom is a book about a shy evacuee called Willaim Beech. An old, but kind man called Tom Oakley takes Will in and looks after him. Will's mum was single and hurt or abused him in a way that made him have sores and bruises around his body. Will loved art and it was his passion,he also loved Tom's dog Sammy and made a heap of new friends. Even though something happened to Will's best friend, he still found a way to be happy.When I first started reading this book,I was kind of interested,but as I got further and deeper into the book, I found it more interesting. This book gave me an understanding of a kid in World War II and how his relationship with an older man(Tom Oakley) gave him the best life that he could possible. This book was moving,sad,intriguing and emotional in parts. I would recommend kids in year 5 or year 6 to read it. I rate this book

Mar 26,2014

This book is really a gentle and moving story about the developing relationship of trust and love between Willie and Tom. But it also gives a very clear background picture of life in England during the Second World War, the contrast between life in the country and life in London.

Mar 26,2014

On the brink of World War II, timid, shy Willie Beech - the abused child of a single mother is evacuated to the English countryside of Little Weirwold. At first, he is terrified of everything, of the country sounds and sights, even of Mr. Tom, the gruff old man who takes him in, only because ge thought it was for one day but gradually, Willie forgets the hate and despair of his past. He learns to love a world he never knew existed, a world of friendship and affection in which harsh words and daily beatings have no place. Then a telegram comes. Willie must return to his mother in London who claims that she is ill. When weeks pass by with no word from Willie, Mr. Tom sets out for London to look for the young boy he has come to love as a son.

Mar 26,2014

Already, I have recommended this book to multiple people. This book is probably the most moving book I have ever read, and I have read a lot of books. This book will make you feel a multitude of emotionsm from happy, to sad, excited and nervous, and pretty much any other emotion that you can think of. This book made me crack up in bed,unlike any other book I've ever read. It is about a eight year old boy, William Beech, who  is an evacuee from London. He goes to stay with an old man name Tom Oakly in a small country village called Little Weirworld. There, his life will change more than it ever has before.


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