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George's Marvellous Medicine

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Author:  Roald Dahl

George does not like his grandma one little bit. She's mean and nasty and always complaining. George can do nothing right in Grandama's eyes, so when it's time for her medicine he decides to give her a dose of his own special brew.

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Nov 17,2015

This book is the best book,you should read it!

This book is about George's Grandma. She is an old grumpy woman. So George wants to teach her a lesson. When it's time for her medicine George puts bubbling merellous mixture into her medicine. When she has it she almost went through the roof.

This book s illustrated by Quentin Blake

Mar 13,2012

I like this book because its funny how george put diffrent household things into a medicine for his grandma. and its cool how the grandma changes into things and stretches and shrinks i reccomend this book for anyone

Mar 12,2012

I think this book is a very good book for around my age. Not one bit is boring and i liked a lot.

If your not interested in Roald Dahl after you read this book you will be interested.

Nov 08,2011

This book was very humerous, crazy, strange and awesome! I loved all moments of it!

It was a very good book to read!

Sep 11,2011

This book is pretty great. The book is very short and was a very quick read; it took me about 2:30 hours. George's Marvelous Medicine is a bit of a fantasy book because wierd and crazy things happen! I give this short book 8.5/10, thank you


Jul 31,2011

A favourite classic Roald Dahl story.


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