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Author:  Rebecca Lim

Heartbreak. Vengeance. Fury.

Mercy is an exiled angel cast down to earth and forced to live out thousands of different lives for her own protection. Betrayed by her eternal love, Luc, Mercy burns with fury. The time of reckoning is here and now she must wage open war with Luc and his demons.

Ryan′s love for Mercy is more powerful than ever, but loving an angel is mortally dangerous. As their two worlds collide, Mercy approaches her ultimate breathtaking choice.

Hell hath no fury like Mercy ...

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Aug 18,2013
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This book was thrilling and I really liked it!!

This book was about Mercy, an angel who had lived many lives for her own protection. Mercy was betrayed by her love, Luc who turned out to be the Devil. He sacrificed her in order to be thought higher than God to The Eight. She was wrenched from the 'spell' and could experience the physical world without being trapped in a mortal body. Ryan, the mortal she fell for, was her companion to find the other archangels, The Eight (her brothers) and her sister Nuriel. Some badly wounded. Lucifer wanted Mercy back, so he could rule. The Eight, alongside with other angels fought with Luc and his demons. Lucifer killed Ryan, Azrael, archangel whom takes the dead and gives life, came and was about to take Ryan when Mercy begged him not to. In exchange, Mercy became human so Ryan could live.

Nicole 7HB

Aug 17,2012

A wonderful ending to the Mercy Series i couldnt wait to read it but on the 2nd last page i didnt want it to end!


Im still Very annoyed about not finding out her name though. That was my only problem with the book :)


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