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Author:  Garth Nix
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Apr 24,2017

Absolutely love this book! Written like a classic fairytail type of book that anyone can enjoy!
It is full of adventures, magic and, of course, FROGS!!
A very funny read and one that I would recommened to almost anyone!

Mar 10,2017

A fantastical adventure of princesses, wizards, witches, transformed humans, frogs, talking dogs and a Quest!

Princess Anya takes on a quest to travel to the hideout of the wizards to collect the necessary potions to make the lip-balm to transform all the humans back to normal.

Anya's wicked stepstepfather, Duke Rikard, a powerful wizard is determined to rule the realm and the sooner Princess Anya and her sister Princess Morvana are out of the way the better.

A rollicking read as our intrepid questers head into the unknown.


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