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The Forgotten Pearl

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Author:  Belinda Murrell

When Chloe visits her grandmother, she learns how close the Second World War came to destroying her family. Could the experiences of another time help Chloe to face her own problems?

In 1941, Poppy lives in Darwin, a peaceful paradise far from the war. But when Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, then Australia, everything Poppy holds dear is threatened - her family, her neighbours, her friends and her beloved pets. Her brother Edward is taken prisoner-of-war. Her home town becomes a war zone, as the Japanese raid over and over again.

Terrified for their lives, Poppy and her mother flee to Sydney, only to find that the danger follows them there. Poppy must face her war with courage and determination. Will her world ever be the same again? 

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Mar 07,2016

This is a fabulous book. The timeslip genre is really interesting. It does get a bit confusing when they switch between present tense and many year before. A great story about a girls life during the war and her loss of family and friends. Overall an amazing book but is quite a skinny book so advanced reader many finish quickly but a great book anyhow!

May 23,2015

OMG!!! You feel so much emotion and hardness through this book. I often found myself, is this really what it was like? I lived it. I really couldn't put it down. I love this book so much because it shows so much emotion and I love books that make you want to throw it at the wall or tear it apart. You have to read this book. I know it's a war story and I'm not a big fan of war stories but this one is an unforgettable war story. I love it. You have to read it.

enjoy, Chookwriter


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