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First Light

Author:  Rebecca Stead

Peter is thrilled to be going to Greenland where his father studies climate change. But on the ice cap, Peter is troubled by a series of visions that both frighten and entice him. What is the strange red entwined circle he sees in the ice? Where is his dog trying to lead him?

Thea has never seen the sun. Her people, suspected of witchcraft and driven almost to extinction, have retreated to a secret world they've built deep within an arctic glacier. As Thea dreams of a way back to the surface, Peter's search for answers takes him to her hidden world.

And together they unravel a past that reveals a surprising connection.

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May 19,2015

OMG!!! This is amazing. How can any one not like this book? I had put this book down a couple of times before I read it. Why? I ask myself now. It seems that every book I put down I love. You never know whats going to happen when you pick it up. It's a mystery beyond imagined. I loved it to the heart. I would suggest everyone to read it. The characters have their own unique personalities. I seriously couldn't  put it down!:)

Enjoy, Chookwriter

Mar 18,2014

Peter and his family are living in Greenland for six weeks while his dad studies climate change. He is drawn towards a twisted red ring, enclosed in an ice wall, which looks startling like his mother's drawing of mitochronical DNA. What are these strange visions he keeps having? His parents are looking for something...but what?

Thea lives under the ice. Her people fled the surface long ago, and now she thinks it is time to return. Some stand in her way. She must somehow prove to everyone that life beneath the surface is not the only option. Others believe that this is not wise. Will she be able to prove them wrong? Can she uncover the truth that has been hidden for so long?

This story lets your imagination run wild. It is one of my absolute favourite books and I couldn't put it down any of the three times I've read it! I strongly recommend this book to any age and any gender. 5 stars!

Nov 28,2012

' First Light' is an intruiging and suspensful story which follow the very different lives of Peter, a boy who has recently moved to Greenland for 6 weeks with his father who is studing climate change. Peter is riddled with strange visions which scare him yet curse him with curiousity, what are these red intwined circle he continually see's in his visions?

And Thea a girl of whom's race was driven deep under ground when they were suspected of whichcraft many years ago. Thea is curious and wishes to venture to the surface and when she finally does with her cousin Mattias, a terrible twist unravells. Will Thea get back to Gracehope?

This story is about the Unlikely meeting of Peter and Thea who come from very different world, how their lives intertwine and the strange and unsuspected similarities and connections they share!

I loved this book and enjoyed it because it always kept my wondering what was going to happen next. I originally chose this book because i loved Rebbecca Stead's other book ' When you reach me'. This book grabbed my attention because it had an interesting cover and blurb which seemed different  and interesting.

i highly recommend this book because i loved it and im sure everyone would to!

Nov 25,2011

First Light was an extremely well written book. It follows the stories of Peter and Thea, completely diffrent beings, from completely different worlds.

Peter is from New York. His father, a glacier scientest, takes them on a six week trip to Greenland.

Thea is from GraceHope, a community setteled entirely inside a glacier. She is the seventh in the first bloodline of girls. She is convinced that they need to move on, out of their hidden worlds. Her grandmother, does not.

Until Thea and Peter meet in the most unexpected of ways and Thea uncovers the truth about GraceHope and her family.

I really enjoyed this book. Couldn't put it down.



Aug 01,2011

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