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Fire in the Sea

Author:  Myke Bartlett

Sadie is sixteen and bored with life in Perth. It’s summer, and lazing on the beach in the stifling heat with her cousins and Tom is a drag. Then something comes out of the sea.

Dark menacing forms attack an old man, leaving him for dead and Sadie wracking her brains to understand what she saw. Then there’s a mysterious inheritance, a strange young man called Jake and a horned beast trampling the back yard. 

Sadie finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient conflict that is nearing its final battle, a showdown that threatens to engulf Perth and all those she loves in a furious tsunami.

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Sep 19,2013
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Okay, so I just picked this book up out of the blue from my library because I needed something to read. This book definitely wasn't oon the top of my list of Inky Awards books to read.

But... once I started reading it, I realized it was really good. Once it started mentioning Atlantis and demigods, I was totally hooked. There were so many great ideas and it was just very intricate and awesome- I loved this book!

The only thing I think needs critisizing is the ending. I understand that Jake needs to leave and live some life before the Gods get to him, but I hate how Sadie and him never actually stay together, or officially become boyfriend and girlfriend in the first place.

Jul 06,2013
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The bad:

I understand why Sadie is described as the 'Australian Katniss Everdeen' - they have a very similar personality. Um, an unlikeable one. She may have that 'strength' at times to rush headlong into a crisis and save people, but she can be so, I don't know, bitter, angry, even selfish. And I didn't like the way she treated others.

Also, (view spoiler)the sort of romance with Jake was creepy. At least, her unconscious crush on him was. Come on. This is an Edward Cullen crisis here. Sure, Jake ain't THAT old, but he fought in the same war besides her grandfather. It's creepy. Okay?!

The good:

But if you just take that away, everything else was awesome. Action packed, spine tingling, kind of random and crazy, fast pace, and there's always something that's keeping you on edge. Besides Sadie, most of the characters were amazing in their own right. And the ending too - I like that despite Sadie's crush, they didn't get to hold hands and skip off into the sunset. I like that Tom grows a bit of a spine, but he doesn't turn into an immediate Prince Charming. I like that Kim and Heather played a slightly more important role and have their characters a little fleshed out, but not so much that they too turn into perfectly noble people. It was just well balanced, you know?

So fun read (: Can't wait to see what the next book holds. And okay, writing all that makes me think 3.5 stars.

Jun 01,2013

I liked it. The book was alright. 

But it was weird.

Like super weird.

I've never read anything like it before. 


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