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Author:  Lauren Kate

There’s something achingly familiar about Daniel Grigori.

Mysterious and aloof, he captures Luce Price’s attention from the moment she sees him on her first day at the Sword & Cross boarding school in sultry Savannah, Georgia. He’s the one bright spot in a place where cell phones are forbidden, the other students are all screw-ups, and security cameras watch every move.

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Sep 04,2014

I love the interesting thrill and the characters that make the book come alive. It seems like I am trapped in the book. I have gone on to the sequels of the book and they are truly amazing. I recommend anyone that likes ready romance and thriller books should really read this book. I will not spoil any main parts but here is a brief idea. 

Girl falls in love with a boy and reveals her past...

This book is truly incredible. I really love the content. Enjoy!

Aug 08,2014

ok so i lost my other account details so im going to write a new review on this spectacular book!

im in LOVE with it and i cant seem to understand how someone could relate it to twilight!?

its nothing like it!? in fact its mind blowing, i love twilight too, who cares if the romance is cheesy have you been watching movies lately? would you judge them and refer them to twilight too? well thats..

1. not fair

2. quite boring

because in all honesty the movie romannces look to last less than a week? same as books? so get over it?

Fallen overall is one of THE best books i have ever read and it will stay that way :)

rant over :)

Sep 26,2013

Fallen is one of the most incredible books i have ever read, with its romance, tragedy and mysetery that can keep you wondering until the end.  Gorgeous characters such as Daniel and Cam to amazing adjectives to describe the visual of their wings. Lauren has done an incredible job and if your into mystical creatures angels and demons then READ Fallen,torment, passion,fallen in love and Rapture and discover the brilliance of this series.

Sep 15,2013

This book, I would have to say was one of the most disappointing books I have ever read. I have read and own the whole series because my mother brought them for me.

I love the ‘Angel/Demon’ genre and after reading so many good ones I thought it was highly unlikely to find a bad one. The only thing good about this book, I would have to say, was its cover.

My mother brought this book because the main character has my last name, but after reading it I don’t want any relation whatsoever.

The character, Lucinda Price, would have to be one of the strangest characters to read about. This book was supposed to be a romance but it ended up with a lot of filler chapters about a girl stalking an abusive boy.

By the end of the first book, I was literally begging for someone to kill Luce and put anyone who had to read it out of their misery.

I still can’t believe it’s coming out as a movie.

Anyway, the writing was a bit worse than average and the characters were just shallow and really annoying.

The biggest fault and turn off of this book, I think, is Kate thinking her readers are dumb. It was so annoying to read about Luce finally understanding something chapters after the reader did.

Some things were so obvious but still Luce, who I think Kate says is a straight A student, cannot understand it.

The filler chapters in this book killed me. This book would have been a tiny bit better if she had just dump the chapters where Luce is just thinking about nothing at all. Or that chapter where she shows off her only talent, swimming, and then gets left on the island.

What was that chapter about?! There was no reason for it apart from confusing the reader.

Well, Fallen by Lauren Kate, is not what I would recommend anyone should read. I am hoping the movie will be an improvement on the novel.

Sep 07,2013

I find the book Fallen to be captivating and had me on the edge of my seat while i was reading it, through all the twists and turns of Luce's past and how that affects her future I Desperately wanted to get to the end of the book so I could find out what happens but at the same time wanted it to go on forever so the ‘buzz’ I had from the book would still happen. I feel that when you read a book once and you absolutely love it you can only experience the thrill of not knowing what’s going to happen next once, and that’s what made me not want to put Fallen down I wanted to just keep reading it because it was so captivating in Luce’s tragic/romantic story. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.

Aug 05,2013

This book is about the hardships of love. Two people give up everything to be together. Fallen is a well writen book that has characters that you will love and a storyline that is easy to follow. It is suitable for teenages and is a book that will keep you reading throughout the night. Fallen is full of torment, passion and is the ultiamte love story. 


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