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Author:  Carole Wilkinson

Ancient China,Han Dynasty. A slave girl saves the life of an ageing dragon and ecaps her brutal master. pursued by a ruthless dragon hunter, the girl and the dragon make an epic journy across China carrying a mysterious stone that must be protected. this is the story of a young slae girl who belives sge is not worthy of  a name but finds within herself the strength and courage to make this perilous journey-and do what must be done.

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Dec 05,2016

Author : Carole Wilkinson


Setting: (Where and when) Ancient China, 382 BC


Main Characters : Ping,

Danzi, Lui Che, Diao



Plot Summary : A poor slave girl called Ping works for the Imperial Dragonkeeper. 12 dragons are tamed and kept in a dark dungeons. Due to this, the number of imperial dragons rapidly decreases until there are only 2 left, Long Danzi and Le Yu. Le Yu dies from depression and sickness. During this time, the emporer visits Huangling, where the dragons and Ping live. The Imperial Dragonkeeper knows the emporer would be angry if he finds out, so he pickles the dragon and gives it to the emporer. Due to it being a dragon pickle, the emporer develops food poisoning and dies. The dragon hunter, Diao, finds out there is one dragon left. But Ping, with her master in custody, escapes with the last dragon, Danzi, and a mysterious dragon stone.


Pursued by dragon hunter and soldiers alike, Ping flees with Danzi, with a goal to get to the magical place called Ocean. They go to the capital, Chang’an where they meet an old dragonkeeper called Wang Cao. Wang Cao tells Ping she is a true dragonkeeper, and she develops telepathy.

Ping and Danzi go to a town called Fenjing, where they encounter Diao. He inprisons them with help from the vilagers, who think Ping is a witch. Ping uses her new powers to escape, but without the valuable dragon stone.


They journey up the Yellow River to the town called Wucheng, that has many people who practice dark magic. The find the stone with an evil necromancer, and take it off him. Ping and Danzi just manage to escape with their lives and the dragon stone.


While journeying, they run into the new emporer, a boy of Ping’s age called Liu Che. Ping and Liu Che develop a friendship and travel to the palace. Ping is made the new Imperial Dragonkeeper and everything seems OK. Liu Che travels up a mountain to be blessed, and Ping and his ministers go with him. They encounter Diao and a battle starts. Ping kills Diao and Danzi and Ping ditch Liu Che to fly off to the Ocean.


What I Learned: I learned that life in ancient China was very hard. They held there emporer very highly and called him a Demi-God.


Rating: 8.5/10

May 18,2016

Ancient china, Dragin keeper, by Carol Wilkinson.

This book is about a girl who was sold by her parents to a man as a slave. She was working as a slave for her master who was a brutal, mean, violent and a bad man who didn't treat her right, he even treated the animals better than her. She is a young girl who was lost and didnt understand how the outside world would be. She had to feed all the animals but she also had to feed beasts, dragons. 

The imperial soldiers were out looking for the dragon to kill it. The slave girl saves the dragon and then the dragon swoops her up and take them both away to escape hauntgoing which was the place they were living in. They go on a big exiting journey with a magical stone with them, which must be protected no matter what.

i enjoyed this book as it got me to the edge of my seat and I couldn't put the book down once I started to read. It's adventurous, it's very secretive and very mysterious in a way and very informative as well. It also had a sad story behind it.

This book is for people that like adventurous, suspenseful and mysterious books. Age 10+ is what I think it would be suitible for.


Apr 15,2013

A great series for all ages. A great auzzie read. 

Dec 03,2012

A slave girl in Ancient China is working for her master, the Dragon keeper, when she finds one of his dragons dead. The other aging dragon, Danzi, pursuades her to save him and free herself from slavery, before the dragon hunter comes for his blood and scales.

The Dragon reads her name, Ping, off her necklace.

Now, Ping, the new Dragon Keeper and Danzi must cross the country to protect a stone of great power.

Will Ping be able to stop the draagon hunter?

I rate this book 5/5 and for people 10 to 50!

Oct 24,2012

Dragonkeeper is fantasy and imaginative book which i really enjoyed reading. The slave girl goes through so much and her journey through all this is so cool. When you read the book you actually feel like your there and you can just imagine it.


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