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Dorothy Must Die

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Author:  Danielle Paige

Dorothy must die is a fantasy novel based on the stories on the 1940 film directed by Victor Lonzo, written by Danielle Paige, it's set in oz, but a much darker, ruined version. It takes place years after Dorothy went to oz, long story short she found a way to go back to oz, and let's just say she got a little too greedy with magic. It's a fast-paced, exciting tale about an ordinary teenage named Amy Gumm living in Kansas with her troubled mum, then one day a storm, you guessed it, a tornado, sweeping her up into oz, starting her new adventure, but it's not as glamorous as she excepted it to be. Dorothy gale as destroyed everything in oz, The Lion, Tin Woodman, and Scarecrow are also twisted, monstrous versions of their former selves. Amy's mission is to kill Dorothy, and the book has a lot of violent scenes that are very descriptive. It's only up to Amy Gumm to save oz.

The characters in this novel are very motivational in different ways, the protagonist for example, she's known to be tough and quick witted, and very sarcastic, although she would help others in a heart beat, brave ,A typical teenager you can relate to. Audience wise, 13+ years and anyone who loves wizard of oz or grew up watching it .
Danielle Paige really knew how to keep it intense, it's a really well written book, and you can tell it took a lot of time and effort.
Definitely a book I would read again. One of the many things I love about this novel is how it's a sequel of Wizard if oz, and it fits so well, 4 1/2 stars from me

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