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Don't Call Me Ishmael


By the time ninth grade begins, Ishmael Leseur knows it won't be long before Barry Bagsley, the class bully, says, "Ishmael? What kind of wussy name is that?” Ishmael's perfected the art of making himself virtually invisible. But all that changes when James Scobie joins the class. Unlike Ishmael, James has no sense of fear—he claims it was removed during an operation.

Now nothing will stop James and Ishmael from taking on bullies, bugs, and Moby Dick, in the toughest, weirdest, most embarrassingly awful...and the best year of their lives.

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Oct 12,2016

I think this book is a terrific book with twists and turns in every page and I like how it ends. The author is very smart and can use every aspect of charecter to the max.

Nov 04,2014

Don't Call Me Ishmael is an amazing book to raise awearness about bullying and teens fears. I believe that everyone should read this book at somepoint in time. I highlights the fears and situations of bullying that a group of teens face. They are supported by there teachers, coaches and peers to overcome these things. On top of all that drama, there is two schools that have an 'un-labelled' rivalry. It just gets better and better.

Oct 05,2014
Aug 12,2014

I love that this book references another great book. Having books connect to each other accross time is a fantastic thing!

Aug 12,2014

This book is very unusual. But i also found it a bit inapropriate when it came to Barry's nicknames for Ishmael. This book is not a very good book, it was intresting at the start but now it is just plain boring.

Jun 25,2013
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Don't Call Me Ishmael!

Don't Call Me Ishmael is a book written by Michael Gerard Bauer. This isn't part of a series of books. The author of this book wrote it relating to Moby Dick which is another fabulous book that was written by Herman Melville. Moby Dick is about whaling and more but the book Don't Call Me Ishmael isn't talking about whales. If you want to know what the book is about, it has to be read. The author of the book Don't Call Me Ishmael was born in Brisbane and he lived in Ashgrove when he wrote his first book Thr Running Man. He completed his Arts degree and a Diploma of Education at the University of Queensland. He taught Enlgish and Economics at schools in the Brisbane-Ipswich region. At times he took brkaes to start persuing his writting career. Don't Call Me Ishmael was shortlisted for the book of the year in the Children's Book Council of Australia's Awards, and the New South Wales Premier's Awards in 2007.

Don't Call Me Ishmael starts with Ishmael, and all he does for the first chapter is talk about his life, family, age and the list goes on. Ishmael talks about something called Ishmael Leisure syndrome and he describes it as a painful and a tough feeling to say. He goes on talking about himslef but he also says that he is starting year eight and that it is the first year of highschool for him. He goes to an all boys school. The story was based in a specific part of Australia but it doesn't mention which school. It is also in a small town. It doesn't tell the reader that also. Ishmael starts school but he doens't fell very confident because there he was a shy boy amongst the group and he wanted to be cool. 

The main characters of Don't Call Me Ishmael are; Ishmael, Scobie, Barry, Razza, Bill and Kelly. Ishmael is of course the biggest character in the book and it i all about him. Scobie is a boy that is small and weak but he isn't afraid because he had an operation which is told in the book. Barry is a big bully and he bullies mainly Ishmael and Scobie because they are the easy targets. Razza becomes close to Ishamel and Scobie because he joined the debating team and he helped Ishmael with a interesting situation about Kelly. Bill is a nerd and has his calculator with him all the time and he loves to watch  a specific television show which is in the book. Kelly is a girl that Ishmael won't stop thinking about and a something really carzy happens when they debate against each other, and this is a really BIG thing that happened which amused the audience and the juges and it happens all in the book.

What the book is about is that Ishmael starts his first year at highschool and there is one bully that bullies him everyday of his life and Ishmael hates that. a few days later a boy named Scobie and because Ishmael was told to take care of Scobie for the day, they became friends. Scobie was a strong leader and became more popular than Ishmael because he has the 'Power of Language' . Scobie makes a speech to the rugby team in the school and they start cheering and their spirits are lifetd high up and they feel more confident after what Scobie said. Scobie wanted a debating team because he said that all the other schools have one except for theirs and the principal of the school lets him make his own. That is when Ishamael meets all these new characters in the book which are Razza and Bill.

They start to debate and no one else wanted to join the debting team and that was their team of four. That is also when Ishmael met Kelly face to face for the first time and that is also when Ishmael did a really BIG thing in that specific debate. Scobie doesnt make it for one of the debates and Ishmael finds out by the principal because Scobie had to have an operation which meant that Ishmael had to do everything for his next debate. near the end of the book Ishmael makes a threat to Barry and he gets really scared but when Ishmales went to do it, he stopped and looked at Barry's face and he saw himslef because Barry was feeling like a loser and Ishmael was a loser at the start of his highschool. Ishmael ends up going out with someone in his mind and that is where is ends.

The way the book was written was in all the persons but most of the times it was first. Ishmael was the main character and that meant that he was talking about himslef which is first person and at times he would use second and third person. The laguage in the book was common and was the type of language that we speak today. When Scobie talks it is very complicated because Scobie is a character with a mind of a junior Einstein, not in the science wasy but in the descriptive way. 

Don't Call Me Ishmael is book recomended by many people to be read and there are some key things in the book that could be used in some everyday knowledge. The book is best recomended for tennagers and above because the language is dirty in some ways which is only allowed for teenagers. The book is best read for boys because the school that Ishmael is in is an all boys school. The book would be re-read because it is a excellent book for life experince but if you remember it the first time it is no point on reading it.

Craig L 8 Foynes English                                               


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