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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Author:  Jeff Kinney

Being a kid can really stink. And no one knows this better than Greg Heffley, who finds himself thrust into high school where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner, and already shaving.

Luckily Greg has his best friend and sidekick, Rowley. But when Rowley's popularity starts to rise, it kicks off a chain of events that will test their friendship in hilarious fasion.

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Oct 12,2016
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Really bad

Oct 12,2016

I love this book! It's hilarious! I first read it when I was quite early in Primary School, now I'm in High School, and I still love it! It's very clever in the way that it is cartoony and unrealistic, yet at the same time, it's realistic - Greg (the wimpy kid) it just so funny to read about, and I just love Manny! I just cannot get enough of Diary of a Wmpy kid - I recommended this book for anyone, really, but I recommend it to someone looking for a simple, fun read! Also, read the rest in the series, it gets you hooked!

Sep 12,2016

This book is very funny and good for kids that don't like reading or can't read too well. Some adults would like it. 

May 18,2016

Diary of a wimpy kid

I love this book because its funny. It is about a wimp who just walks around and tries to look cool all the time! He has a crush on a girl named Holly Hills. His little brother "Manny" gets all the attention all the time, even when Manny is naughty. Overall i think this book is hillarious!

By Porsha and Chloe!


May 18,2016
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Diary of a Wimpy kid

I think that diary of a wimpy kid is a funny book and there is lots of books in the series, i think it is very funny that the mean kids made Rowley Jefferson eat the old old  old old old old and very old piece of chease that has been there for years and years!!!


Apr 28,2016

i love this book because i have so many related experiences with greg and infact many of the characters! its funny and is a good book if your looking for something you can relate to!


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