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Demon Road: American Monsters

Demon Road: American Monsters


Sep 18,2017

a pretty cool book, great if you like the other derek landy books. this book is a continuation of the demon road trilogy, at this point in the story, amber (the protagonist) is the represention of the shining one (big demon guy, very shiny) and has to go around collecting peoples offerings. she is more powerful than ever but is still no closer to killing betty and bill. this is a great finale to the series, definitly a must read if you like horror and intrigue.  

Jun 06,2017

Demon Road: American Monsters, by Derek Landy
Demon Road: American Monsters is the third novel in the Demon Road series, written by Derek Landy. Following with the first two novels, it is a fantasy/horror/action book, is incredibly violent and incredibly charming. It twists the genre, and is more just horrifying, rather than an example of the horror genre. Although, Landy has come to be known for his fight scenes and dialogue, so expect epic battles in this book to follow suit.
American Monsters, as the name would imply, is set in America, as Amber and Milo travel through it. We also see more of Hell in this novel, although the scenes are short-lived. The settings are not commonly described in the book, instead focussing on the expertly developed characters and the wonderfully choreographed fight scenes. The settings of this novel are relatively unimportant.
Following the decision to save Milo and become the "Shining Demon's Lapdog" (As another character calls it), Amber is attempting to save s friend held hostage in a truck, kill a ghost clown terrorising a little town, cheat her demonic overlord and, most of all, kill her parents. Amber and Milo are forced to take risks and be sent on goose chases to find and rid of Amber's parents. Packed full of twists and secrets, Derek Landy gives away nothing and makes the book greatly unpredictable. The novel answers any remaining questions and ties up loose ends, with no stone left unturned.
Milo and Amber's characters are brought full circle in this instalment in the series. Amber finally comes to terms with her self-image and Milo becomes more friendly towards Amber. She makes mistakes, feels regret and self doubt, which is why she is so realistic and relatable. Along with this, many of the other characters become more revealed and explored. New characters are tied into the story well, and characters from the book's predecessors are fleshed out. The characters in this finale to the series are finalised and believable.
Derek Landy wrote Demon Road: American Monsters wonderfully. It blends grim themes with hilarious dialogue, gruesome brawls and realism. While the first novel had too many half-finished ideas, and the second too few, American Monsters found the perfect niche of complexity. Landy writes with his signature style; he has kept the same format of keeping minimal description to set the scene, but links the arcs and back stories of characters together. He has written this last novel as a terrific finish to a beloved series.
Some of the twists were vexing, others were irking, and other pleasant, but I feel that's where this book may have its downfall. The twists were a welcome addition to the plot, but some of them were idiotic or excessive. At points it felt thrown in or not thought out. Amber was a tough character to think about. She made a very bad decision (or a whole night of them), during which you felt her naïvety shine through. This shows how each character in th novel has their own flaws and imperfections. There was not much in this book that left me disappointed, but Landy still evokes emotion very well.
This is a young-adult novel, but the series itself may appeal to readers of 13 and up. American Monsters can be enjoyed by both boys and girls equally, as my experience with other readers would tell me. The whole series is worth a read to anyone that interested in fantasy or action.
Demon Road: American Monsters is a wonderful ultimate to an equally splendid trilogy. The characters were all believable and emotive and the antagonists were intentionally hatable. The first chapter was herald to a great read with funny and perfected writing. Overall, I rate this book 5/5. I highly recommend this book - and in extension the whole trilogy - to anyone who is a fan of fantasy or action novels.


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