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Deadly Unna?

Author:  Phillip Gwynne

'Deadly, unna?' He was always saying that. All the Nungas did, but Dumby more than any of them. Dumby Red and Blacky don't have a lot in common. Dumby's the star of the footy team, he's got a killer smile and the knack with girls, and he's a Nunga. Blacky's a gutless wonder, needs braces, never knows what to say, and he's white. But they re friends... and it could be deadly, unna? This gutsy novel, set in a small coastal town in South Australia is a rites-of-passage story about two boys confronting the depth of racism that exists all around them.

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Apr 07,2017
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Deadly unna by Phillip gunynne an amazing story showing racism action and romance. The main character in this story is blackey, blackey is not his real name it's only his nickname as his friends call him that because he hangs around dumby his aboriginal friend. Blackey and dumby play a very fun sport “AFL” something so many people are familiar with today. Blackey has other friends such as thumper, Clarence, arks he's coach and pickles. Gary black won his semi final and now is progressing to the grand final and blackey is moved up to a very important position on his team which requires him to train harder and harder . Arks the coach has tried to win the grand final for over 20 years and this is the closest he's got to the grand final and he is expecting for his team to win”. My favourite part of the book was the grand final when blacky turned around and won the game. I believe i would change the scene where dumby dies and make it as tho blackey was with him crying when he was falling make the book more sad and make it that blackey dies. I liked pickles because he's a funny guy and also dumby. I don't really like this book as it is not my style and it makes me feel bored.

Apr 07,2017

In Deadly Unna the main characters are Dumby Red, Mr Black and Gary Black [Blacky] whose is a teenage white fella caught between two worlds whose only interest is Aussie rules [AFL] Gary is faced with many challenges caught between going with what he has been taught and what he feels is the right thing to do. I did not enjoy reading this book as I found it boring and uneventful even though I did not enjoy the book my favorite part is when Blacky accidentally takes down thumper. If I were to change something it would be the the difference between the movie and the novel, I would make the novel more like the film as the film was humorous and climatic. My favourite character is Dumby Red as he is my one of the only aboriginals who is not racist to the white fellas, yet he still is incredibly skilled at AFL. The language used in Deadly Unna is very casual and uses colloquial slang, this was done to create the effect of a true aussie novel.


Overall I did not enjoy reading this book as I lost interest after the first few chapters, I would not recommend reading this book if you do not like reading anticlimactic novels.

Apr 07,2017

                                         Book review

Title: Deadly Unna

Author: Phillip Gwynne

Publisher: penguin group

Published date: 1998


This book called Deadly Unna is a novel book There wasn’t any illustration but you could still imagine what it would be like.


This book is about a teenage boy named Gary Black or Blacky as his friends call him.He plays afl and has to overcomes obstacles in his life such as racism,abuse and fear.

My favourite part of the story is when pickles tries to get into the thumpers head i liked it Because it was funny.

The main character is Gary Black he is a teenager that plays afl .In the story Gary Black is made the most important role in the team and he finds the love of his life .A terrifying event happened shortly after a great event happened which made his life harder and his family overcomes an obstacle that has been destroying his family.

I didn't like the book because it was mainly boring and it didn't connect with me

There were parts that made me laugh Which ones? The squirrel tackle,pickles trying to annoy the thumper.

The people that i think would like this book are Australians that play afl i Would recommend it to people aged 12-14 because it is based on sports.

The reason why the author made this book is because he wanted to make the problems apparent  such as gender and racism he also wanted to make it for his mum.

Apr 07,2017

Deadly Unna is a book which revolves around discrimination and racism which is evident throughout almost all of the chapters in the book.

My favourite part of the story was when Blacky was playing in the grand final for football where he is the only thing in the way from Thumper scoring the winning goal. It is suspenseful and it has a well built climax.

The main characters are; Gary Black or Blacky, his nickname, Dumby Red, Arks, Pickles, Clarence.

Gary Black is the central character, he is the 1st ruck of the football team. He has a brother, sister, father and mother. He has many friends, few good ones. He strives to prove his worth to those around him, but primarily to his father.

Dumby Red is Gary’s best friend that also plays on the same football squad as Gary.


Gary Black otherwise known as ‘Blacky’, lives in a coastal town in South Australia. Gary faces a dilemma in which revolves around the racist town he lives in, and his indigenous friends. The town is only united through their love of football and is split apart because of discrimination

I liked this book as it was thorough in its descriptions as well as its plot of the story. My favorite part was Gary playing in the grand final with his team going against the big Thumper. It was my favorite part because the game was so well built up as it reached the denouement with a satisfactory result of said climax.

This book is well constructed and has an amazing plot that accompanies it.

This would be a book to read and recommend to others.

Rate: ⅘

Apr 07,2017

Deadly Unna? is a book that is by the author Phillip Gwynne. Deadly Unna? about a kid named Blacky who lives in a small coastal town in South Australia. Blacky plays Australian Rules Football with Nunga’s. During the book Blacky experiences racism and violence towards the Nunga’s from the locals of the small town. Blacky experiences these with his friend Dumby Red. Dumby Red also plays footy with Blacky.

My favourite part of the story was when Blacky accidentally stops the Thumper and wins the Premiership, Blacky then gets awarded by stopping Thumper. Some of the main characters that are in the story include, Blacky, Dumby Red, Clarence, Arks, Pickles. Blacky is the main character of the story because the story goes through his experiences, Dumby Red is a aboriginal that plays with Blacky in a footy team, also Dumby Red is a close friend to Blacky. (DISCLAIMER: spoiler)In the story Dumby Red does eventually die. Clarence is Dumby Red’s sister. Arks is the footy coach that Blacky and Dumby play for. Pickles is Blacky’s friend that is racist towards Nunga’s, Pickles also plays for the team that Blacky and Dumby Red play for.

Deadly Unna is a book that I could see year 9 or 10 reading. Deadly Unna is a work of teenage fiction. Deadly Unna is a chapter book. There were no illustration due to it being a  chapter fiction novel. People that would like to read this book could be people that enjoy Australian Rules Football or sport in general. I would recommend it to 15 to 16 year olds, so Year 9 and 10. Deadly Unna? Also uses colloquial language throughout the story. The level of language makes it much easier for the reader to understand and follow.

Apr 07,2017
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Deadly Unna was written by Phillip Gwynne.

Deadly Unna is set in a small coastal town in South Australia, it is a rites-of-passage story about the interracial friendship between Australian rules football teammates Gary "Blacky" Black, a white boy, and Nunga Dumby Red. The story centers around racism.

I did not personaly enjoy the book because it really wasn't relatable and I find the main character to be annoying. The books main character Gary Black gets physicaly abused by his father and does no attempt of standing up for himself. The Books main theme is centered around racism, but signs of racism only come to play at mid way through the book. My favourite part of this book is when it ended.

To conclude, this book really was not enjoyable to read, it doesn't introduce its main theme until later in the book, the protagonist is not relatable. 


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