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Cyclone Tracy : the diary of Ryan Turner (My Australian Story)

Author:  Alan Tucker

Ryan and his best friend, Nev, both love fishing, and spend all their spare time on the wharf or out on Darwin Harbour. When Ryan makes a new friend, his father is not pleased; but troubles with his dad are nothing compared to what Ryan and his family must cope with when Cyclone Tracy devastates Darwin.

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Mar 17,2016

15 year old Ryan turner lives in Darwin in 1974 and a cyclone has just missed Darwin giving cyclone Tracey a chance to crawl up on them on December 24 1974 , join Ryan and his family on an adventure through this slightly traumatising event in history .I really enjoyed this book because it is really exciting a it really captures the cyclone from a boys perspective .

My favourite part was when the cyclone hit personally I think the author wrote that part extremely well. From this book I have learnt how lucky I am to have all the things I have because for Ryan and all the people hit by cyclone they lost a lot of their possessions .

I would strongly recommend this book for anyone between the ages 12-14 who are interested in historical fiction


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