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Clearing the Pack

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Author:  Michael Panckridge

Football and netball are the next two sports in the Legends Series, and Travis and Mia are flying high. Travis steps up his intimidation tactics, knowing he's got to win this one to stay in the race. But has he gone too far this time? 

Can Mitchell and Travis set aside their differences to battle the tough Wetherhood team and achieve the impossible? 

Meanwhile, Bryce investigates the mystery in the library. Suddenly there's a whole lot more to play for... 

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Apr 05,2017

The Book is Great

Mar 31,2017

Michael Panckridge’s Legends series always makes me think of my own school sport competitions and the great time my friends and I had, Clearing the Pack is no exception to this. We are thrown back into Sandhurst’s Legend of Sport Competition, and this time the want-to-be legend boys are tackling the football field and the girls battling it out on the court in netball games. And let’s not forget about the library and its mysterious goings on. But Bryce has that covered while Mitch copes with being on a team with Travis Fisk and Luci on a team with Mia. Again, Panckridge explores what it means to be a good teammate, do what’s right and sticking up for your friends in a way that entices apprehensive readers and bookworms alike; all while Mitch and his mates try to become Legends of Sport.  


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