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City of Marks

Author:  Mary Hoffman

Imagine you are one moment ill in bed, and the next transported to a world that is awash with deception, intrigue and glamour. This is exactly what happens to Lucien. In a spine-tingling discovery, Lucien finds out that he is in fact a 'Stravagante' - somebody who, with the help of a talisman, can transport himself in time and place. But that is not all - in his new-found world it appears that he is integral to saving the city, Belleza, from disaster.


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Aug 25,2013

The City of marks is an a amazing story in which teenagers would enjoy. This story is modern and old at the same time as there is two words and also shows how lucky we are as the main character has cancer and battles through it. I would defiantly recommend this book to anyone who wants a great read and the best part is this book is part of a series.


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