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City of Glass

Author:  Cassandra Clare

With two of the Mortal Instruments now in Valentine's hands, the world of the Shadowhunters teeters on the brink of civil war. Jace and the Lightwoods are recalled to Idris, the Shadowhunters' remote and hidden home country, where a search has began for the last of the Instruments, the Mortal Glass. Clary finds herself caught up in the chaos as the delicate social order of the Nephilim begins to shatter, pitting Downworlders and Shadowhunters against each other. When the City of Glass falls under attack, can Downworlders and Nephilim fight together to defeat Valentine, or will their longstanding hatred destroy them all? And when Clary discovers the unbelievable truth about her past, can she find Jace before it's too late?

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Oct 22,2014

This is most definately my favourite book of all time. Full of mystery and betrayal as Clary and her new found friends plunge deeper into their backgrounds and the history of their family. Clary still has a longing for her so called 'Brother' Jace as he does for her. And when they both enter idris, they are unprepared for the ultimate shocking betrayal.

This book is something I could not put down.  Definately read worhy!!!

Nov 30,2013

i like it cause of the fight htat arises between the shadowhunters and valentine. it was so challenging and difficult to accept the outcome

Jun 21,2013

Big up to cassandra clare.This book is such an interesting book it has all the things about  the vampires,humans and warefolfs.It has an interesting that talks about the shadow hunters I never knew it really existed somepeople who were called the shadow hunters I love the book because it has all interesting things inside it and it very exciting to read.

Apr 15,2013

An amazing book! Read the series but don't bother wasting your life with book 4 and 5

Aug 07,2012

This book is sooooo amazing!!! I think its the most exciting yet. Can't wait ot read the next book in the series!

Jun 21,2012
This review is a spoiler. View anyway?

the city of glass is the third book in the sires of of five.

clary, a ordenery girl has been plunged in to the darkness of the under world where shadow hunters, faries, worloks, deomonds and vampires exist. and over the two  books she has lost her mother who is in some kind of coma, she has found out that her fathe is and evil man and that the boy she loves is actuly her brother.  in this book the under worldes have attacted the glass city, and clary is forced to make some drastic dicisons with her power, and has to chose inbettween love and saving the ones she loves.

i think this is a fantastic book and i highly recomend it, althogh this review probly hasnt convinced you, but you should read it.


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