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Captured - The Mystery of Nida Valley Book two

Captured - The Mystery of Nida Valley Book two
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Author:  Elaine Ouston

SYNOPSIS: Fourteen-year-old Meg Sealy, her friend Amanda, and her older cousin Jaiden, stumbled upon a secret valley where time stands still. The three friends were thrust into a dangerous world of magic, time travel, and creatures they believed extinct. They learnt that it is their destiny to use their new magic skills to join the fight to save the valley from an evil breakaway order bent on exploitation, led by the evil Grundymere. Realising that Meg will be a strong leader, he is determined to stop her from following in her grandmother's footsteps and becoming the next Grand Leader of the order that protects the valley, The Guardians of Nida.  Meg fought for her life many times.  Some of the villains were discovered and locked away, but a traitor remains in the valley, and is plotting against Meg.

 Grundymere is also still at large and is determined to stop Meg. Follow their journey as Meg strives to control her escalating magic powers, and she and her friends fight to discover the identity of the traitor in the valley and save the animals from extinction. The elders of the Order gather around her to keep Meg from the clutches of Grundymere. But their efforts are in vain. Can Meg escape the clutches of the evil Grundymere  -  not once but twice? Only time will tell.

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