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The Call of the Wild

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Author:  Jack London

The moving story of a proud dog who escapes captivity to become the leader of a wolf pack. Buck is a dog born to luxury, but betrayed and sold to be a sledge dog in the harsh and frozen Yukon. This is the remarkable story of how Buck rises above his enemies to become one of the most feared and admired dogs in the north.

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Nov 25,2016

A dog named Buck was sitting near a warm fire suddenly a man takes him. He takes Buck  because they sell dogs to get money. A boy bought Buck and he bought him to a snowy place where he had to train to be a sled dog. It was a lot of hard work, while he was there he met lots of other dogs. While Byuck was there he really wanted to be the leader of the sled. One day he fought Solok and he won so Buck was the leader and he was happy.l recommend this book if you like action.


Apr 29,2014

A couple of years ago, I saw this book "The Call of the Wild", which was in a normal book store and when I saw the cover, it intrigued me. So I then read the blurb on the back of the book and decided that I would buy the book. After many attempts to try and enjoy the book, I finally picked it up one day and once I got past where I always put it down, I started to really understand what was going on. Once I got reading, I couldn't put it down.

In this extraordinary adventure, you will follow this wolf like dog's journey. The dog, being named Buck, gets stolen from his beloved home and gets sent away. Buck then has to take orders from strange men and gets a good beating if he doesn't. Not being used to all of this, Buck has to push through pain, wicked wheather and orders that he must perform. He watches friends die and go through what no dog should have to go through. In the end Buck does not go back to his original owner nor stays with the strange men, Buck goes to a place where he can be happy and have his kind around him.

"The Call of the Wild" doesn't explain exactly where this story is set. From what it seems, it is set in a cold, wet and snowy place. There is always snow everywhere you turn. It has wolves/ dog's pulling food, wood etc., with men controlling the dogs everywhere. There is snow in trees and on the ground. You would see many footprints and sleigh marks.

This book would definitely have to be an adventure book. The adventure that this dog goes on is amazing and so exciting.

For me, my favourite character in this narrative would have to be Buck, because of his outstanding talent and bravery. Buck always pushes through every tough time. Buck would never let anyone down. For me, Buck is a great leader, shows responsability and sets a good example. For example, "Buck held his head high as the sled sped south once more". The main message of this book is that no matter how tough a situation is or how much you don't want to do it, you just have to really believe in yourself and never dought yourself. Always keep moving forward.

I learnt that no matter how tough something is, you can still get through it if you just believe and just do it.

I would recommend this fabulous story to teenagers and some adults, depending on their type of book. It's because of some things that happen in the book that may not be the best for younger children. Plus they might have trouble with some of the words. I would rate this book a 4 out of 5.

Mar 20,2014

This book is the story of a dog named Buck that starts of his life living in a home with his master but is soon kidnapped and stolen by one of his master’s workmen and sold to another place. He makes an effort for his new owners and works as a sled dog. He works under harsh conditions and meets new friends. But nothing stops him from wanting to be the leader and kill the leader of the pack Spitz.

He is then sold again to some selfless owners who expect him and other dogs to carry a load of luggage from one place to the other. The owners are the warned about dangers on their way to their destination. They ignore him. Buck eventually can’t take the pain anymore and collapses. One of his owners beats Buck because he is frustrated that Buck is not getting up. A man named John Thornton frees Buck and cares for Buck. Buck becomes loyal to John and they are soon best friends. The story continues and you can see that Buck becomes one of the most well known dogs in the north

I love this book because it guides us through a difficult journey of a dog who has ups and down in his life. Although it is sometimes hard he finds the better of things in life and is loyal to his owners even if they are not always nice. It’s also very enjoyable and if you love classics you will love this book.

Written by Jack London

First editions cover 1903

Oct 21,2011

More about dogs, as I didn't like them that much before I read this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have realised just how smart a lot of dogs are, I love this book!


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