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The book of Lies

Author:  James Moloney

When Lords and Ladies quest for fame. A Beast will touch the land with flame. Good men will die,their wives will mourn. While chidren weep for faters gone. With swords for teeth and skin of ssteel. With arrowed claw and poisond heel. The Beast will grow and spread its wings. Destroying rogues and making kings. When all my pages fill with lies. Let slip the beast and see it rise. Till one who understands this verse commands the Beast and breaks its curse.

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Oct 12,2016

This book is AMAZING! It has thrills around every corner and there are loads of parts that send chills down your spine. 

Mar 31,2014
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The Book of Lies... A book who’s pages are filled with every lie ever spoken in its presence, filled not only with words but with magic. When Lord Alwyn, a powerful sorcerer, created this book, he had no idea that he would one day use it to erase all memory of 3 children’s lives and fill their heads with a life that isn’t their’s, a life that is a lie. What Lord Alwyn doesn’t know is that a girl named Bea was watching him perform his magic on the last boy and she knows his real name, Marcel.

When Marcel awakes he finds himself in a home for orphans and foundlings, but when Bea tells him what she saw Marcel must escape the watchful eyes of Lord Alwyn and his terrifying beast, Termagant, to find his true identity. 

 Marcel and the other two children, Fergus and Nicola, escape with a man called Starkey who convinces the kids that there parents are prisoners to the King Pelham and Marcel, Nicola and Fergus must free them. But when the three kids discover that there ‘parents’ are murderers and Bea (who followed Marcel on the back of a horse) has been poisoned by them, Marcel and Nicola take Bea to Lord Alwyn and the kids learn that Starkey lied to them. King Pelham is their real father and the prisoners they set free were the people who killed their mother, and they just started a war. 

“‘...Starkey and Damon and Eleanor must have convinced the elves and the men of Lenoth Crag to join them after all. Their armies are marching towards Elstenwyck right now!’” -Marcel Pelham

 This book is an amazing story filled with magic and twists and turns that you never see coming, it’s written craftily by the skilled James Maloney who has written over 35 books. I loved this book because when you think you know who the characters are and their story, they surprise you with some new, unexpected information.


Aug 24,2013

I actually love this book. Its a combination of great depitctive languae and wonderful fantasy settings. I actually love it so much i am reading the Second book in the triology. The Master of books, it carries on from the last book and its just as great :)

Aug 15,2013

Imagine if your whole life was a lie.

All family not related all memories false

Welcome to the life of Marcel

This novel will pull at ones heart strings

A beast that will bring darkness, a bond like no other, and a quest to find the truth.

Now that is an irresistable tale

Aug 09,2013
This review is a spoiler. View anyway?

The Book of Lies is an amazing novel. It has a story like no other! Three brave children go on a quest to bring justice to the kingdom and defeat the two evil cousing trying to steal the throne that is not rightfully theirs, and they will do anything to get it. There are also amazing fantasy creatures such as a flying horse named Gadfly and a terrifying beast named Termagant. it is a brillant book, deffinately one of the best i have read in a while!!!

Aug 09,2013

The Book of Lies is a thrilling read. It has creatures like no other. The book is about 3 determined children who want to find out who they really are. This book has twists and turns it goes from good to bad right from wrong. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a good fantasy book.


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