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Black Spring

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Author:  Alison Croggon

Love. Lust. Betrayal. A dangerous obsession.

Lina is enchanting, vibrant but wilful. And her eyes betray her for what she truly is a witch. With her childhood companion, Damek, she has grown up privileged and spoilt and the pair are devoted to each other to the point of obsession. But times are changing. Vendetta is coming. And tragedy is stalking the halls of the Red House.

Inspired by Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights.

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Oct 13,2013

I enjoyed this novel thoroughly. 

Dec 21,2012

Black Spring by Alison Croggon is a chilling story of Lina's life at the Red House, her chilling childhood and desturbed married life.This story is told from the view of the house hold maid, Anna. It tells of the doomed love of Damek and Lina. It tells of the decline of their city, their family and their love. But Lina is a witch, she is wilful and never bows to the will of anyone, not even to Damek's will. But what is going to happen when everyone is calling for Lina's blood? What will happen when the vendetta comes knocking to the door of the Red Hous?

This is a haunting story of a disturbed girl who loves a demon and is herself a witch. It is a mockup of the famous Wuthering Height's by Emily Bronte, same setting, same motives and same story line. It is a dark and mysterious book, marked by deaths, tragedies and betrayals. It is surronded by scandal, family honour and nonexistant morals which they still preach.

Alison Croggon has a delivered a dark and haunting novel that stays with you long after it is over and will have you questioning the very world that you live in. This world is full of power hungry wizards and greedy lords. A book much like that of the Wuthering Height classic.

Nov 23,2012

This is an amazing book!

I got really fond of the cover, title and the blurb.

I really love the picture at the front of the book (I shall not name who it is) and I think it is quite relavant to the story. I nearly put this book down because of the cover at first, but after I read the blurb, I fell in love with the book and I read it.

This book shows a lot of show, don't tell.


READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!


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