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Artemis Fowl

Author:  Eoin Colfer

Twelve-year-old villain, Artemis Fowl, is the most ingenious criminal mastermind in history. His bold and daring plan is to hold a leprechaun to ransom. But he's taking on more than he bargained for when he kidnaps Captain Holly Short of the LEPrecon (Lower Elements Police Reconnaissance Unit). For a start, leprechaun technology is more advanced than our own. Add to that the fact that Holly is a true heroine and that her senior officer Commander Root will stop at nothing to get her back and you've got the mother of all sieges brewing!

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Jul 14,2017

Eeeek I love this series as much as I love Harry Potter (which is a lot) I reread it every year and am never disappointed. 

Despite it being about fairies and mythical creatures this book is pretty damn hardcore, it's hard to believe if you haven't read it. When I'm reading these books Im torn between becoming a genius and taking over the internet and going to the Himalayas and becoming a lethal martial artist so I guess you could call it empowering as well. Great adventure

Jul 05,2016

This eight book series takes you on the wildest of rides with young evil masterminds and hi-tech magic people that live below ground, personally i loved this series but i would say it is not for everyone and stay with it you need to get to the third book but trust me of fantasy is your thing you will love this series.

B Lowe

Mar 10,2015

Artemis Fowl is one of my favourite novels to always read. It is the type of book that will always keep you interested with the plot and humor. So far, I have read three out of eight books of this series and the first book is the best so far for me. 

Jun 29,2014
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Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer is the first book in the Artemis Fowl series.

This book is about the young criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl who was brought up to believe that only riches, gold and power were important. This leads him to discover a new fairy race that has advanced technology and more besides. Artemis tries to capture and hold a fairy (Captain Holly Short of the LEP) for ransom, this being his plan to earn gold. He realizes that maybe he has tried to do too much when his mansion is held under a massive siege and the fairies are ready to play dirty.

This is a very exciting fantasy book and I recommend it to anyone who likes fantasy! 

Dec 22,2013

The Artemis Fowl series is fantastic. Eoin Colfer is more of a genius than Artemis. This series is all about magic and technology and paranoid centaurs. It's one of those books where the characters are constantly thrown into impossible situations and escape in the most creative ingenius ways.

"A C.D, how quaint. We have these in museums."

Nov 28,2012

After twelve years of being a pure genius. He perseus the impossible. To conquer the fairie realm. We follow this young criminal mastermind through his adventures. This book was spine tingling. Constant cliff hangers stopped me from putting the book down. But will Artemis Fowl achieve his dreams?


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