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Around the World in Eighty Days

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Author:  Jules Verne

One ill-fated evening at the Reform Club, Phileas Fogg rashly bets his companions 20,000 Pounds that he can travel around the world in just Eighty days - and he is determined not to lose. Travelling by train, steamship, sailing boat, sledge and even elephant, the reserved Englishman and his manservant must overcome all odds to win the extraordinary wager.

Around the World in Eighty Days gripped audiences on its publication and remains hugely popular, combining exploration, adventure and a thrilling race against time.

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Nov 25,2016

Around the world in eighty days is about an adventure that adventure is when philecs is Bet whelsher the can travel around the world in eighty day.After that the Inclions want to catch fills him for food. They saw he was rich and wanted his mone. My favourite bit is the end because it was g to see some love. Phileas fogg because they wanted to rob him.

Nov 23,2016
Mar 31,2011

Around the World in Eighty Days, by Jules Verne, was not just a book, it was an enlightenment for the people who read it. First published in 1873 by French publisher Pierre-Jules Hetzel (and his company), it showed people that they didn't have to be the heroic person to go around the world, it was possible for anyone.

The book starts with the main protagonist, Phileas Fogg, rashly betting his companions at the Reform Club £20,000 that he can get around the world in just 80 days. The other 5 members have no option but to take up the offer. The adventure that follows is one that has many unexpected twists and turns, some so unexpected, £20,000 are literally on the line.

The story was adapted into a film in 2004, starring Jackie Chan and Steve Coogan, but if you have seen that movie (which I suggest you may want to watch, after the book), you will find ENORMOUS differences. Passepartout (Jackie Chan) is French, not Chinese, and Phileas Fogg (Steve Coogan) is not an inventor. That is as much as I can give away. But other than that, the story is a magical one, for the real world. At many times you can see yourself as an eccentric Englishman roaming through unexplored India, or strolling through Tokyo or San Francisco at leisure.

This book is no doubt one of the greats by the man himself, Jules Verne. Compared to his other works, this is the only successful book he wrote in a real-life situation for the time. No Science-Fiction, no crazy inventions, just trains and steamships. The fact that everything that was outlined in the book, in the way of travelling from place to place, was true for the day is amazing. The fact that the Suez canal, Indian Subcontinent Railway and other various engineering marvels were all finished within 2 years of publication (before it was published), shows that Jules Verne knew what he was writing about. He didn’t have to go around the world to prove it, and that’s the point, because it was dreamt up, with a dash of truth, makes it a book that should be written.

Nowadays travel across the world isn’t a journey. Catching a plane from Australia to London, or New York to Paris, isn’t special, considering the cost is relatively cheap, and the amount of people that fly that every day. Reading this book takes you to a time when average people just started to realise just how easy it was to go around the world, but still with an adventure of sorts. This will make you feel like taking the train across Europe, or sailing the Pacific Ocean by steamship. A must-read for the ages, from a by-gone time of truly adventurous cross-world travel.

Read it when you can ;) 


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