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Anxious Hearts

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Author:  Tucker Shaw
“Evangeline,” he repeated, calling at a whisper. “Evangeline.” He was not calling that she may hear, he was calling that somehow her soul might know that he was devoted entirely to her, only to her. “Evangeline, I will find you.”

Eva and Gabe explore the golden forest of their seaside Maine town, unknowingly tracing the footsteps of two teens, Evangeline and Gabriel, who once lived in the idyllic wooded village of Acadia more than one hundred years ago. On the day that Evangeline and Gabriel were be wed, their village was attacked and the two were separated. And now in the present, Gabe has mysteriously disappeared from Eva.

A dreamlike, loose retelling of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s famous love poem “Evangeline,” Anxious Hearts tells an epic tale of unrequited love and the hope that true love can be reunited.

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Jul 12,2011

Gabriel and Evangeline, Eva and Gabe; two couples living more then one hundred years apart sacrifice everything to find what it means to love and be loved. Despite their differences both couples experience similar hardships and separation through distance, time, grief and death only to discover true love in the end.

Ever since that day under the docks when Gabe and Eva lost their shoes Eva knew that no matter what was to happen in the future, she would follow Gabe anywhere. But that was years ago, and although neither have talked to each other since that day, although years later Gabe disappears without a trace, she knows she would follow him still.

As children Gabriel and Evangeline played together but it was as they grew older that they realised their true feelings for each other. Even when on their wedding day when Gabriel and Evangeline were torn apart, neither would give up on the love they felt for each other, even if it meant they would lose each other in the end.

Anxious Hearts is a love story caught somewhere between dreaming, imagining and memories of a past life. It is a tale of longing, losing and finding love, but not all endings are happy ones. The alternate perspectives are the heart of this story with both Eva and Gabriel searching for the one person in their lives who make them feel complete.



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