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Anne of Green Gables

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Anne Shirley is ecstatic when she goes from being 'Anne of Nowhere in Particular' to Anne of Green Gables. Adopted out of the orphan asylum by mistake, Anne Shirley wins over the Cuthbert siblings and they permit her to stay at Green Gables. Anne of Green Gables tells of her first 5 years at Green Gables in Avonlea, Prince Edward Island which consist of many spots of unintentional trouble, mishaps and being raised under the firm but loving hand of old maid Marilla Cuthbert. Anne soon grows from an freckled, fiery red haired, overtalkative, clumsy and untrained 11 year old to a beautiful, bright and proper young lady loved and admired by all.

Anne of Green Gables is followed by 7 more novels, telling of the befreckled youth's growth throughout her life- everything from college to marriage and even beginning a family of beautiful children who are just as mischevious and bright as her.

Anne of Green Gables long-lived classic full of beautiful language and description of a girl who lived in the early 1900's.

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Jul 14,2017

This is the most pure beautiful book I've ever read, the whole series in fact. Anne's innocence in beautiful heart have remained and inspiration to me my whole life and I don't think I've ever found another book that's made such a significant impact on my life. Anne's story is one of both pain and happiness, despite being a children's book much can be gained from Anne's insight and wisdom. 

May 27,2014

Anne of Green Gables is the first book in the Green Gable series written by Lucy Maud Montgomery.  Anne is an orphan sent to live at Green Gables,Prince Edward Island with Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, brother and sister.  She has forever dreamed of being adopted by a family, but with her red hair, skinny legs and sickly face nobody has wanted her, including the Cuthberts, who expected a boy to arrive from the asylum.  After a lot of persuasion by Anne, the Cuthberts decide to adopt Anne forever.  Anne is a lively little girl with a vivid imagination and feisty temper, she is very witty and pleasant.  Anne keeps cheerful and joyful through all her troubles during her life.  I loved this book and it is very enjoyable to read.

Feb 06,2014

Anne of Green Gables is one of my favourite characters of all time. I want to be Anne Shirley.

This book is so sweet and funny, all because of Anne. She has such a funny view on everything, and yet she is not clueless or naive - she definitely has her own views on things, and can sometimes get very passionate about it. That's what I like about her - she is not perfect. She can get very angry, and is quite sensitive at times.

The book is sort of a collection of little stories about Anne. It is one long story, but it travels through all the little predicaments that she gets herself into. However, it is not a super easy read, with simple concepts, like Pippi Longstocking or something. They are very real, complicated adventures, and she herself acts quite like an adult, so the book is for more mature audiences than those who enjoy Pippi. The text is usually pretty simple to read, but can sometimes get a bit heavier.

It is a really great book, and I would advise it for girls who are maybe eleven and up.

Apr 22,2013

Anne is a lovable character, with her romantic imaginings and her need to be loved. The book is very sweet, fun and sometimes thrilling. I highly recomend it.

Oct 19,2012

Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery

The Cuthberts, a sister and a brother, decides to adopt a boy but surprisingly gets a girl by the name of Anne Shirley. Now she has to impress her adopters and all the residents in Avonlea if she is to stay at Green Gables.

Join the journey of Anne Shirley with comedies, tragedies and romance. A bit of an old classic but an interesting book and I recommend this to happy readers who like a bit of poetry and are good readers so they can understand it.

Aug 30,2012

This is a great book by L.M. Montgomery, It has intresting words and at some times can be very funny. Its about a girl who has to split up with her friend and goes through very hard times. My favourite scene in this book would have to be when she saves her x-best Friends Daugter and they become best friends again.

To be Honest, This book is probaly for older readers, so they get the meaning of this book. this book is quite an old book but It still is really intresting.

A Reccommend this book to whoever likes funny and at the same time sad, stories.


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