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Author:  Karen Tayleur

One car.
One after-party.
Six people, six points of view.
But only one outcome.

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Oct 18,2011

Sarah Lum lives a pretty normal life. Her best friend poppy has a supposed power that allows her to sense upcoming events and read others auras, but Sarah doesn’t completely believe in it. Sarah holds a secret yet extreme attraction to Finn whose relationship with Virginia is labelled as cancelled, when it is actually continued secretly. Virginia has nothing to do with Sarah or Poppy until she and them visit the forbidden woods together. They stumble upon Nico and Finn and the 5 of them walk together until they discover the dead corpse of a teenage girl. Nico quickly covers the girl with his shirt before they leave the woods. Nico realises that he has made a mistake and Poppy returns to the woods to collect Nico’s shirt, but she can’t find it.


As life goes on Poppy, Nico, Finn, Virginia and Sarah are constantly reminded about the girl that they found in the woods. The police have find the same girl as well as another teenage woman who was killed in the woods. The police search for evidence of the murderer and Nico is worried about his shirt being found at the crime scene. He increases in concern when he begins receiving threatening texts from someone who has apparently found his shirt. Sarah is informed of Finn and Virginias secret relationship at an after party. She feels betrayed, as she thought that Finn had been leading her on. Poppy, Sarah, Cooper (another character), Virginia and Finn go searching for Nico when he disappears from the after party. They push him into the car, once he is found and the 6 teenagers begin arguing. The car swerves, hits a tree and rolls onto its side. The car was only meant for 5 people but was carrying 6. The innocent Sarah Lum passes away in the accident.


Karen Tayleur wrote this book so that the person who was portraying the story, constantly changed. However, it was mainly written in Sarah’s perspective. It was interesting how the entire book lead up to the final 10 pages where the climax occurred and Sarah Lum’s life was lost. Small hints were dropped throughout the story that related to the end result of the book. They were suttle yet sure of informing the reader of the upcoming accident. The incident of the body being found in the woods was thought of as the main event until the climax actually occurred at the end of the book. The occurrence in the woods was irrelevant at the conclusion of the story, and was completely ignored. I suspect that the event of the discovery in the woods was the way in which Karen led the reader in the wrong direction until the climax where the reader was drawn away completely from his/her original path. I admire the techniques used within this novel and believe that Karen Tayleur is a truly talented author. However, I was disappointed how the conclusion of the book was quite rushed and lasted for a very short period. Karen did a brilliant job of leading up to the final event; however, she did not execute the event well.  


I would highly recommend this novel.


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