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Wide Reading Year 7

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May 12,2014



What were the main ideas in your book? 

Was there a purpose in the author's writing?  Who was the writer's target audience?

Would you recommend this book to other students?  Why?


As we have seen, a book review is a reader's opinion of a book.  It is intended that other  readers will get an outline of what the book is about, who the book is intended for, and any special features of it, without spoiling the main story line for the next reader.  A follow on from this is the book trailer.  This is an online version of a book review and is a persuasive advertisement to attract readers to read a book.  In order to prepare a book trailer planning needs to take place, often in the form of a story board.  Your next task will be to prepare a draft of a story board of your text.  Think about the messages and image sequencing you would include.  Then plan other components such as the mood you will set, with images, music and colour tones. 

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May 07,2014


Most readers tend to have preconceived ideas about a text

Did this text live up to your expectations?  Why was this so?

How did your formulate your first  opinions about this text? 

Was it the blurb or front cover, or the book trailer or a recommendation from someone?

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