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Treasure Fever (8I)

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Jul 29,2014

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Jul 25,2014

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Jul 17,2014

Hey group..

i had the job of predictor and this is what I came up with...


I believe that what happens next would be that Mr Brainfight teachers in a different way to there usual teacher Miss Chalkboard because the first thing he said was "So what will you guys be teaching me today" and they think that the way he teachers is not right and start asking questions 

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Jul 17,2014

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Jul 17,2014

1.In the book the teacher doesn't show up to the class and I can connect to that because in primary school the same thing happened to me.

2.There is a kid in the book who draws a lot of cartoons  and i knew someone in primary school who did the same thing.

3.In 'Treasure Fever' there is a kid who threatens people by telling them his brother will beat them up and a kid in a movie I saw did the same thing.

4.In the book they get a crazy substitute teacher and I have experience a crazy substitute teacher before.


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Jul 17,2014

Hi 8I Readers!

You all began reading so well in your groups today, you should be really pleased with how you have started! I will be very interested to see how you have all responded to your books so far. I wonder if you are enjoying it so far? Maybe it isn't what you thought it would be? Have any parts surprised you yet? Maybe it is exactly what you expected?

Please reply to this post by answering some of my questions above and letting me know your initital thoughts about the book that you are reading in your group. Everybody will have different answers as we all have different opinions about things. This should be really interesting to see the different opinions.

Keep up the great work 8I.


Miss Bailey

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