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TC Year 6 Book Club 2015

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Mar 25,2015

By J.K Rowling.

Genre: Fantasy

Harry Potter has finished at Hogwarts and is now on a hunt for horcruxes.(pieces of soul consealed in an object). he is on the run from the powerful dark wizard Voldermort and his followers. (Death Eaters). The only way harry will be able to defeat voldermort is to find the 7 horcruxes and kill them then all he has to do is kill voldermort himself. Then when harry comes face to face with voldermort he comes across some challenges he never thought he'd experience.


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Mar 25,2015

File 30259

Driftwood is one of the many books by Cathy Cassidy. Hannah has been best friends with Joey for a long time. One day, Joey falls in love with Hannahs brother Kit. Kit and Joey are so in love, they don't even realise when Joeys foster brother Paul is getting bullied by Kits friends. It is too hard for Hannah to handle on her own. Sh ejust wishes things would go back to normal.

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Mar 25,2015

This book is about an American boy who gooes to pakatan to visit his cousins. When he gets there, he gets kidnapped and taken back to America (Cuba) and sent to Guabtanamo Bay, a detention camp where hundreds of men are tortured everyday. Everyday people die waiting for justice, waiting for peace on earth. I recomend this book to mature readers, and people who are in for a heavy read. It does have some challenging words but, they are not too bad. 


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Mar 25,2015

The Last Wild

Piers Torday

A boy called Kester got moved into a boarding-like home when a virus hit the city, killing all animals. Only a few where left. Kester soon discovers a special ablity that he can talk to animals. He then sets out on an adventure to find his dad, who is a scientist, to find a cure for the virus. Along the way, animals follow him, helping him along the journey. This book is a series. I love this book so much, I don't really enjoy reading. But surpirisingly, I really enjoy this series. I recommend this book to 11-14 year olds. 5 star rating. 



Mar 25,2015

Warriors: Into the Wild

By Erin Hunter

Adventure, Fantasy

Rusty, an ordinary house cat (or called a ‘kittypet’ by the wild cats) watches the forest from his garden fence everyday. His dream is to hunt in the wilderness of the forest. So one night, after waking up from a dream about catching a delicious mouse, then eating some food, he looks out into the forest. And jumps over the fence. The bell jangling on his collar attracts his neighbour, Smudge, who has warned Rusty of the terrible wild cats that roam the forest. Smudge reminds him once more but Rusty takes no notice and walks into the forest to follow his dream. As he goes a bit further he spots a mouse. As he is about to catch it he hears a noise… He turns around and spots a ginger tail, suspecting it was the tail of a fox. He curiously follows it and then gets dragged into a fight with a wild cat. Gradually Rusty becomes friends with the wild cats and gets trained in the way of survival, abandoning his life as a kittypet. He gets nicknamed Firepaw after his red coat. My favourite character was Bluestar, the leader of Thunderclan (One of the wild cat’s clans) because she is a strong, smart and helpful leader. Although she has her weaknesses I think she is a very good leader and fighter. The characters felt real to me because they were very well described and their emotions were displayed clearly but in some cases not to keep you guessing ‘What’s going on?’. Different perspectives are shown but without changing to first person which I think is really cool. My favourite part of the book was when Rusty met Spottedleaf, the clan nurse or as the wild cats call them, medicine cat. The ending was a cliffhanger but it is the first book of a big series. Get ready for an epic adventure. I’d recommend this for readers of ages 11-16 year olds. This book is five stars. Epic.



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Mar 25,2015

This book is about a 17 year old girl called Katniss Everdeen, her home used to be District 12. After the bombing from the Capitol the remains of District 12 have moved into District 13, the district everyone suspected was gone after the previous bombing a few years ago. Katniss Everdeen has been in the Hunger Games twice now and has escaped, but the war is not over between her and the whole of the Capitol. 

I really like that it keeps you guessing and it’s not so predictable compared to the previous books. Katniss and her love, Peeta, have been separated and have taken a massive turn against each other. To the point where Peeta would Kill her no matter what because the Capitol hijacked his mind to make him hate her. It was great because there was nothing I disliked about it, except the ending, because I would really like it if she continued this series into a collectors edition so that readers can read what happens next.

I would recommend this book to adventure and sci-fi  readers as well as fantasy readers, just because it appeals to many genres. I think that almost anyone could enjoy this book if they read it. I rate this book 5 stars  


by Danielle Kent

Mar 24,2015



Veronica Roth

Action and Adventure

Divergent is an awesome book. I love this  book because it has lots of unexpected things in it. Instead of the usual boring old ‘they win at the end’ this story is full of twists and turns and that’s what I like about it. Divergent is a fast-paced read that you will really love and I highly recommend it.  


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Mar 24,2015

The 52 Story Treehouse

Author: Andy Griffiths


This story is about two boys that live in a 52 story tree house and they love going on adventures. Andy and Terry, are very funny boys. The funniest bit for me was when a girl called Jill, who lives in a cottage, pricks her finger on a carrot and then falls asleep.  Does that remind you of anything?

I think kids between the age of 5-12 would love this book. I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

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Mar 24,2015

Title: The Case Of The Ranjipur Ruby.

Author: Anthony Read

Genre: Series Fiction

Meet the Baker Street Boys, a group of kids working for a very special detective, Sherlock Holmes!  The Boys are living in a hide out on Baker Street. When they save an Indian boy called Ravi, it gets them into a little more trouble than they anticipated. This Ravi boy is a prince. Someone is going after Ravi’s throne and he needs Sherlock’s help, but he is away! The Baker Street Boys need to save the day! This story is thrilling and if you like mysteries,this series fiction is a must read for people between 8 to 14, and is also five out of five.


By Amy Uren

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Mar 24,2015

The Keepers

Author: Lian Tanner

Genre: Mystery

Recommended Age: 8 - 16

Rating: 4 stars   

 You enter a world where mystery is yet to be discovered and dangerous secrets abound.

A girl named Goldie Roth lives in the city of Jewel where impatience is a sin and boldness is a crime. The problem is Goldie is both impatient and bold. She runs to The Mysterious Museum of Dunt, where she discovers secrets that haven't yet been told. On the way she meets a boy named Toadspit as they try to find their way through. A monstrous Bizzle Hound stalks the Museum corridors. What should Goldie do? Go back or continue on the terrifying mysteries she's yet to discover?     

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Mar 24,2015

Title: Summer’s Dream

Author: Cathy Cassidy

Genre: Fiction

Rating: 5/5 stars

Age group: 10-13

Review: You enter the life of Summer Tanberry when u open the book. Summer is a complicated thirteen year old that has a dream she wants so badly it hurts. it all starts when her mum flees to peru for her honeymoon Summer’s life spins out of control! With sisters running away, auditions for a ballet school and being to scared to eat. Will Summer ever find her way or will her life be disastrous for ever.


SUMMER is Quite, Confident, Pretty, Popular, and VERY serious about dance!

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Mar 24,2015

The 39 Story Treehouse      

author: Andy Griffiths

Genre: fiction

If you're into adventure then this book is  practically made for you.  Andy and Terry are best friends. Their other friend is called Jill. She lives in a little cottage in the forest with too many pets to count.  Andy and Terry realise that the best way to write a story is to do it yourself.


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Mar 24,2015




Author - Alan Tucker

Genre - Non - fiction

Rating - 4 stars

Age - group - 11+

Series - 5 - 10 books

 The radio news reports that Kokoda has almost been lost by the Australians. In World War II the Australians were fighting on the Kokoda Track and life was hard.  Archibald is one of my favourite characters because he is suffering from trench foot and he is being a real soldier by carrying on like nothing is wrong. Archibald does feel real to me because of the way he’s been described and his sense of humor is just like a real soldier. The story is very unpredictable and it does keep you on the edge of your seat. There was a part in the book that made me tear up and super sad. Overall it is an amazing read.    


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Mar 24,2015


Rj Palacio

contempory fiction

Don’t judge a boy by his face, judge him by his character, his heart and his kindness.

This book ‘Wonder’ truly is a wonder, the book will shape you as a person and at the moment you open the first page and finish the last, you will be filled with emotion, sad, happy any emotion the author has touched on it. This book is about a boy called August who has facial deformities and has never gone to real school not because of his face but because he has had so many surgeries, but now he is 10 and his parents are sending him to school and the book is about his highs and lows he faces throughout school.

The book is absolutely amazing and I love it.  it would probably be best for readers aged 10+ because it can be a little bit challenging to read because it talk about some medical conditions he has in fancy words but I rate it 11/10!

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Mar 24,2015


Author: Alyson Noel

Genre: Series Fiction


My book is about a girl called Riley Bloom, who left the earth one year ago to journey to the afterlife, a place called ‘Here’, where the time is ‘Now’. Riley just wants to relax but as she will soon find out everything is not that easy in the afterlife, Riley is assigned a job as a Soul Catcher and her first assignment is to help the radiant boy who will not move on.

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Mar 24,2015

Wild magic            by Tamora Pierce    Series: 4 books     Age: 10+      Rating: 4 stars  

Genre: Fantasy and Adventure

Wild magic, Wolf speaker, The Emperor Mage, The Realms of the Gods


Wild Magic:

Guess which century this is in? 20th, 11th, 7th? We’re in the 4th century, in a land full of myths, legends and magic. In a country called Tortall surrounded by rivals and allies, Veraldaine Sarrasi, known as Daine is a  young teen, and is homeless. She has been haunted by her past. She, with her pony, Cloud will see things they have never seen before, make friends and enemies. Daine will discover a new and powerful type of magic she has inside her.

 I like this book very much because of the magic and adventure that takes place, the unpredictable twists of events in this book and the main character, Daine. If you like this series, there are also four others from Tamora Pierce.

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Mar 24,2015

Author: Alyson Noel

Genre: Fantasy

Age: Early Teens.

Series of books.

Riley Bloom is a young girl who has moved to her afterlife called Here where the time is always Now. She has been given the job of a soul catcher  Riley has solved the previous mystery of the Radiant Boy in the book Radiance. Now she is enjoying a well deserved vacation. But she soon comes across a mystery that doesn’t want to be solved. How does that work?

I loved this book. I was dragged into the story and felt as if I was actually in the book. Alyson Noel has described the story very well. I definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 5/5



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Mar 17,2015

Author: J.K Rowling

Genre: Fantasy 

You enter a magical place opening the book. Harry Potter is not a normal kid, he is a wizard. He has a small owl named Hedwig. She is white and fluffy. Harry was not used to the magical world and was amazed when a giant turned up at his door. I think people 10 or over could read this great book. I rate this book a 5 out of 5.

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Mar 16,2015

You are entering a world of dumbness, stupidness and craziness!

BUSTING!! Is the title of one of the nine stories in this one of a kind psycho packed fiction book.

 The main character in this story is Andy, he is a very courageous and exciting. 

This is a book that would interest 9-13 year olds as it is a childish comedy story. There are many more of these types of books in the local libraries, they are by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton. I would rate it a ⅘ stars.

Hope you enjoy it!



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Mar 16,2015

Book Review

THE BOOK: The 39 Treehouse

THE AUTHOR: Andy Griffiths


THE GENRE: Story-Fiction

The 39 Story TreeHouse

Andy and Terry's treehouse has 13 new levels including a chocolate waterfall, a non-erupting active volcano, an opera house, a baby-dinosaur petting zoo, Andy and Terry's Believe it or Else! museum, a not-very-merry merry-go-round, a boxing elephant called the Trunkinator, an X-Ray room, a disco with light-up dance floor, the world's scariest roller-coaster and a top secret 39th level that hasn't even been finished yet. But in the story it is called…

Read the story for your self.

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