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Sanctimonious Stand Alones for Teens

Sanctimonious: Making a show of being morally superior to other people. Holy in character.

In other words, all of these books are one-off and have no prequels, sequels and the like as they are so good they are better off on their own!

Please feel free to discuss and review all of your favourite stand-alones that you love, are looking forward to reading or believe don't receive the amount of attention they deserve.

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Dec 17,2016

This is a YA Contemporary novel about a girl named Brie who dies of a broken heart and the events that follow her death with her family, friends and loved ones afterwards.

Brie discovers many secrets about people on earth and in the after-life which change her forever.

This book incorporates many puns, plot twists and well-known song lyrics to make it a highly intriguing read!

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