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Jul 17,2016

Hi i just finished the Divergent series and i highly recommend this three book series


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Apr 29,2016

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Just reading 13 days by midnight by Leo Hunt. It is rather scary and I don't want to read it at night. It took my fancy because on the cover it says that if you enjoyed Skulduggery, then you might enjoy this too. Well, not so for me. I am missing the humour. :)

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Apr 18,2016

This book has been a pretty good read that's for sure. At first when I read the blurb I wasn't too sure about what I would make of it but in the end I have really enjoyed it.

The main character Iris has an obsession with lighting fires to help her deal with things and can't really help herself not to. She is incredibly enthralling to read about in the way that she has such a definitive perspective on everything.

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Apr 14,2016

I loved this book! I loved all the characters in the story. I especially loved the road trip, where the teenagers talked nonsense to just keep themselves awake. I loved all the great lines too numerous to count! This is the best young adult novel I have read for ages. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Thank you John Green!

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Mar 29,2016

... If you liked Fault in our Stars, I think you will love this too...

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Mar 22,2016

Welcome to the Tasman teens online book club.  We are pleased you made it this far and would love to hear what you have been reading and what you think.

I am just reading Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon, published last year.  I thought it was going to be really good as had seen a couple of reviews, started reading and bang.  It just seemed so American in a way that didnt translate to my way of thinking. But kept reading as it still held hope and miraculously now, it is un-putdown-able.

It is about a girl who is basically allergic to the outside world so lives inside all the time.  But then girl meets boy (next door neighbour, only meets him through the internet, etc), and it gets really good...

Would love to hear about what you are reading...

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