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Welcome to your online book club for 2014!

This is a space where you can share what you’re currently reading, make recommendations and discuss all things books with your English class.  Your English teacher and Teacher Librarian may from time to time post tasks for you to complete in your class online book club space, for completion either at home or in your wide reading lesson in the library.

Continue onto the 'Blog Posts' to view your first task!  It’s called ‘Introduction’.

IMPORTANT: When responding to a task always select the ‘Add a Comment' button.

Blog Posts

May 27,2014

This Book Club will be used by your class to discuss books that you have read this year. To introduce yourself to the Book Club, select the ‘add comment’ button.

Write a message for your class and your teachers recommending a memorable book.

Describe WHEN you read this book and WHY it is memorable.

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