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Eve #2 (7F)

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Jun 16,2014

Our group did really really well we were very cooperative and let every one talk. well done Amy, Abby and Daniel 

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May 26,2014

Hello 7F Readers,

Please tell me what your job was today. You should tell me the task you had to do and also what did your group discuss? Was there anything interesting in your group discussion today? What kinds of things did people talk about? Did you enjoy your role? How could you improve this for next time?

There are plenty of prompting questions above to help you write a blog post. Please make sure your spelling is correct. You may like to set your blog post out the way I have as a letter. Maybe like this:

Dear Reading Group,



Your Name.

I look forward to reading your answers and seeing how each of your groups are travelling, what you are talking about and how you are connecting to the book you are reading.


Miss Bailey

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May 13,2014

Hello 7F Students,

I would like to gather some feedback from you about how your very first Reading Meeting went. What worked well? What didn't work so well? Did all group members contribute? Did you have enough time for your discussion? Was there anything interesting/surprising in the discussion? How could we make our Reading Meetings better?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated and we can begin to start blogging our ideas and thoughts through our Online Book Clubs.

Remember that you are posting online so it needs to be appropriate (think about the 4 P's - would you be proud to show your work to; your Parents, your Principal, the Police and the Prime Minister?). It also means that spelling and grammar are important.

- Miss Bailey

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